Goodbye Google Reader, Hello... ?

Effective July 1, Google Reader bids us farewell.

We actually liked Google Reader.  Our only complaint was that if we wanted to "unfollow" a blog for any reason, we still had to go through Blogger (and we know what a giant pain in the arse that is) because if we deleted it through GR, it wouldn't stay deleted the next time we logged on.  But alas, the point is moot since it's time to move on.

Here's our question...

Where do we go from here?

It seems the two major contenders are Bloglovin' and Feedly.

We have no idea which one to go with (much like Intense Debate vs. Disqus) so we ask you, our fellow bloggers:

Who did you go with?
Are you happy with the results?
What are the pros and cons? 
Would you recommend them?

We've slacked on this enough and we want to begin transferring data so any input you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated!


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