Post-BEA Post 2: Events/Parties

Post 2: "The Events/Parties"

Since this was our first year at BEA, we felt especially fortunate to be invited to some kick-ass events!

Wednesday Night:
We attended the Harper Collins Blogger Celebration where we got to mingle with authors, bloggers and the publishing professionals that make everything possible.

The Book Soulmates Trio looking pretty fab ♥
Isalys & Vanessa the super sweet Danny from Bewitched Bookworms
 [Photo Cred: Danny from BWB]
Isalys with her blogger sister-from-another-mister, Amber from Me, My Shelf & I
This girl is probably the #1 reason that we finally attended BEA ;) Thanks for not giving us a choice, chick! lol
[Photo Cred: Amber from MMSAI]
And Isalys, again - lol, with the adorable Rita from Not Another Romance Blog

We had an amazing time, complete with a few "Holy shit! That's Eloisa James right there!" and "OMG, Wally Lamb is hanging out with us" moments, lol.

Thursday Night:
Vanessa & Isalys attended the Penguin Party.  Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures since we didn't really know anyone there and it'd be weird to take pictures of people we don't know, lol

After the party, we hit up Times Square! 
Sadly, Jen wasn't able to join us that night because some personal stuff came up that she had to deal with so we gave her some space while she made her phone calls.

♪ These streets will make you feel brand new,
Big lights will inspire you ♫

We walked around Times Square a bit which was definitely interesting! Very invigorating, energized, bright, and full of the weird-ass people!  We were cracking up because Vanessa totally got eye-f*cked by The Predator, lmao!  Good times!

Then we paid big bucks to take a death-defying bike ride around the block to Junior's, lol.  No complaints though because we had a GREAT time :D

Friday Night:
We went to Central Park to join the Blogger Picnic organized by:
Alexa - - @alexalovesbooks
Andrea - - @OverstuffedBook
Jen - - @JenRyland
Katelyn - - @KatelynTorrey
Central Park is just so pretty!!

With native New Yorker Alexa from Alexa Loves Books
Thanks for all the NYC tips :)

We could not {heart} these girls more! 

We arrived at the picnic a little late because, well, we're Cuban (LOL!) but still had a really nice time.  Hopefully the Blogger Picnic will become a BEA tradition in years to come!

And back to Times Square because, why not?
You can't say this isn't the coolest picture!

After two hours at the post office (for serious!) and a quick trip back to BEA, we ran into Katelyn from Kate's Tales of Bands & Books and ended up lunching and spending the afternoon with her. 

Guys, this girl is seriously cute and hysterically funny!  I can't remember the last time we laughed so hard!  At one point, Vanessa literally had tears running down her face at one of Kate's crazy stories!

Thanks to EVERYONE for putting together such awesome events and welcoming us with open arms and huggles!  

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