US vs. UK (Round 1)

One of our new fave memes out there is "US vs. UK" where we compare the US and UK cover of books. Vanessa, Nely and myself have had this conversation many times. Nine out of ten times, we'll side with the UK covers. However, every once in a while, the US will have the better cover.

Case in point

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Sorry dude, no contest!! The US is the clear winner of this round =)

Everything about it is appealing, from the muted colors with the slight punches of blue & gold to the cluster of images to the dramatic font.

Other blogs participating in this meme are: The Book Shopaholic, The Bloody Bookaholic, and Wondrous Reads. Check out their blogs and vote on their selections for the week =)


  1. The red one isn't that bad...but I do think the US cover is more dramatic! And again, I love the colors :)


  2. Juju! How could you?! It's soooo plain!


  3. I agree, US cover is better :)

  4. I like the US cover. I usually prefer the UK covers but I’m not feeling the red.

  5. Tough call but the one on the left slightly edges out the one on the right. The darker colors have more depth.

    I like this idea.

  6. LOL
    You made me giggle.
    The US one is so dark. Seems ominous. I like the vivid color in the UK one.
    Thanks for the cool post and smiles.

  7. Very rarely will you find a US Cover that will beat a UK cover. Dude, the US is sooo going to get it's ass kicked!*starts to rub bum*

  8. Yeah, you're probably right b/c I've seen some rockin' UK covers. However, this first round goes to the US.

    I've also seen some other US winners which will get posted in later rounds.

    We're going to keep a tally and see how it goes!

  9. Yeah I would say the US one is better =0


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