Fairy Metal Thunder Read-A-Long: Week 1

Read-Along/Scavenger Hunt Schedule for Fairy Metal Thunder:
July 6th: Chapters 1-6 hosted by Missie of The Unread Reader
July 13th: Chapters 7-13 hosted by Kelly of Reading the Paranormal
July 20th: Chapters 14-20 hosted by Tina of Tina’s Book Reviews
July 27th: Chapters 21-27 hosted by Jen of In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Week 1 Discussion Questions for Chapter 1-6:

1. At the beginning of the story, the Assorted Zebras are just a garage band, but they are expecting to make it big. Who knows, you just might find yourself at one of their concerts someday. Until then, show me your favorite concert t-shirt. It could be a picture of a concert you actually attended or a pic of a vintage tee of your favorite band. Be sure to tell me the story behind the tee.
One of my favorite bands is Linkin Park so I almost never miss a concert.  Their Projekt Revolution tours were the best because they toured with kick-ass artists like Atreyu, Julien-K, Korn, and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden *fuck yeah!*  I'm not really into concert tees because I usually find them lame and crazy expensive so for their 2008 tour, I made my own!  Below is a pic of me hanging with my brothers and rockin' my custom LP tank.
We sat in the main part of the stadium but when LP took the stage, I went to the pit. Dude, the rush you get from being in a pit, like, six feet from your favorite rock star is like no other! Below are pics that I took (from the pit) of Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. Tell me those pics don't kick ass!


2. Jason’s mom forces him to agree to do some yard work for Mrs. Dullahan, which wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t rumored to be a witch. Tell me about the worst chore you were ever forced to do. Who made you do it? Bonus points if you have a picture to share of you doing the dirty work.

I think one of the most exhausting things I ever had to do was help rip out Mexican tile.  Looooong time ago, when my parents bought they house they currently live in (and I spent all my adolescent years in), the house had this thick-ass Mexican tile all over the living room and main living areas. My parents wanted to renovate and re-tile but since my dad is Mr. Handy Dandy Carpenter, we were doing all the work ourselves.  We would take turns using the jackhammer to break it up, then yank it off the floor and clean up the gazillion broken pieces.  I think digging up archeological remains is probably easier!

3. Uh oh! There seems to be a jewelry thief in the neighborhood. Have you have had anything stolen from you? Or have you ever lost something precious? Did you ever find it? Make a Reward if Found poster for the stolen or lost item. Convince us to find it for you. Make the reward good!

Click to enlarge...and you'll want to because that comic is wicked funny!

4. In Faerie, Jason declares himself as Jason the Guy Who Wants That Necklace Back. Weird, but then again every name has a meaning. What does your name mean? What is the origin? Do you go by any kind of nicknames? How did you get that nickname?

Ok, so here goes:

My real (birth name) is Isolda Alicia.  Yeah, good luck with that!
Isolda was the name of my maternal grandmother and Alicia is the name of my paternal grandmother.  I'm third generation Isolda and since we had other Isoldas in the family, my grandma took the IS from Isolda and ALIC (a-lees) from Alicia and got ISALYS...I had changed the "ic" to "ys" for aesthetic reasons.

What's even cooler than all that jibber-jabber up there is the origin of the name Isolda.  You an read more about it in one of my previous posts

My married last name is Blackwell. My husband is Scottish on his father's side (and yes, he does have a kilt in his family's tartan *grr*).  While visiting Scotland in 2009, we did a little research and found out that Blackwells are an extension of the surname Black that descended from the Lamont Clan during God-knows-when.

Rocking our kilts and corset (you can't really see it but I couldn't breathe) at the Renaissance Faire. Huzzah!
5. When Jason gets home from his all night adventures through Fairy, his parents unfairly ground him for a month! Care to share a time you were grounded by your parents for no good reason?
Oh, I remember this all too well!  I was 16 and in my junior year of high school.  One day, my brothers (who were about 7 at the time) got into an argument with my dad and while they were pouting, I tried to "comfort them" by agreeing that my dad had behaved like an ass (as you can probably guess, the argument was over something stupid like a board game).  I only said that to appease my brothers.  Then one of them decided to tattle on me, "Daaaaaad, Isalys called you an ass!"  Yep, grounded for a month and had my pager (cuz those were cool in the 90's) taken away. 


  1. LOL- love the kilts!!! And you are funny...and I love your name, isnt Isolde the name of some very beautiful princess???

  2. It's a tempting reward, but getting rid of all the bad drivers in Miami seems like a lot of work...

  3. OMG totally funny that we both mention pagers in our posts!! Pagers were so the cool thing to have!! Love you rocking the kilt! Such cool family history. I LOVE Linkin Park too!! Dude I need to get their new CD that just came out!!

  4. Your Lost poster really made me laugh, the cartoon is hilarious XD I'd love to help with getting rid of all bad drivers in Miami, though I'd probably end up eliminating all bad drivers in the world!

  5. You are the frickin' cutest thing ever, Isa! Love your Linkin Park pics, and I know what you mean about the adrenaline rush of being in the pit at a concert. I ended up in the pit at my first Chevelle show. It was a total accident - it sorta sprouted around me and I couldn't get away. But it was funner 'n hell - especially when Resident Geek came to my rescue and pushed away the guys that bounced into me. ;-)

    This read along thing is totally cool! I wish I'd been clever enough to think of something like this.

  6. A pager! Do you remember making fun words out of the numbers? Poor Isa. Hopefully dad wasn't too harsh. And picturing you with a jackhammer is making me giggle hardcore.

    LOVE the LP tank and the pictures. What an amazing band, indeed. I think Mike Shinoda is a droid sent from the future or something. He's just too awesome.

  7. Gotta love little brothers. Just when you think you are trying to be the cool older sister, they go get you into trouble.

    I love the kilts. Way to rock them!

  8. I'm totally digging those kilts ;D
    I'd love to go to a Linkin Park concert! I bet they put on awesome shows.

    Both your names are so lovely!
    :) Aeicha
    Word Spelunking

  9. Oh I'd love to go to a Linkin Park concert. I'm so with you on the tees!

    OoooH! You have a man in a kilt! Does he have a brother? ;D

    Btw, love your name!

  10. Loving the kilts, maybe I should go and buy myself one. I want a Linkin Park tee, it totally radiates coolness!

    Can't help but laugh at what your brother did, I've had that happen to me enough times especially by my sister, lol :)

    I want some yummy cookies, I can literally smell them right now!

  11. Chester!!! OMG, I love Chester. And I actually have seen them live. I think it needs to be experienced by every fan of LP. To this day, it's still the best concert I have ever been to. It was for Meteora and it was freaking awesome! Korn opened for them and damn their drummer is sexy as hell(Korn's). I swear I'd like to do unholy things to that man. LOL!

    I think we may have been twins in another life. I am the worst angry driver. I'd like to firebomb some people, because really? REALLY?!?! My patience and sanity probably ran away together. O_o I need my car detailed like crazy. Also, cookies would be awesome, but as I said, I don't even know where my patience went. We rock!

    My maiden name is Scottish and Irish. I'm not sure exactly where as my father can never seem to remember, but I do know when I was in Ireland, the Irish loved it. So, I used that to my advantage ;) LOL!

  12. Have to say, Isolda is a pretty freaking awesome name. This is from a Brit with a love for ancient Britain!

  13. The pictures you took of Linkin Park are awesome! I would LOVE to go to one of their concerts!

  14. This is why I've missed you so much. You crack me up! And I really don't know what is more awesome, you in a kilt or you rocking that Linkin Park shirt. I love LP! I could have tried to jump on Chester. I've had some crazy times in the pit too. Being in there is always worth the bruises.

    Thanks for the mini lesson on your name. So interesting. Will you name your daughter after to keep up the tradition?

  15. Kilts! Awesome! I used to listen to Linkin Park too! I haven't in awhile. I have no patience either.

  16. TOTALLY love Linkin Park and those pics are AMAZING! Awesome kiltness! You both rock it!


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