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I have some veryyyy exciting news! I don't know how late I am on this, so if I am "sorry" but I'm going to share it with you all anyway :)

There's a new movie buzz going around that Lionsgate picked up the film rights to...da-da-da-dahhhh....THE HUNGER GAMES!!

(does happy dance)

This is all very new so there isn't much info available on dates, casting, etc. Right now, there's an estimated release for 2011. I know that's still pretty far away, but I'm happy just knowing that it's on the horizon!

We also know that Nina Jacobson is slated to be the Executive Producer and Ms. Suzanne Collins herself will be writing the screenplay. I think that's pretty darn fantastic because who knows the story better than its creator, right?

Here is a little video/trailer goodness for you:

For those of you who are fans of the Hunger Games and are familiar with the characters, who would you like to see play the roles of Katniss, Peeta and Gale?

I'm not really sure who I'd like to see as Katniss, but I imagine someone like a young Angelina Jolie. What do you guys think??

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  1. Oh yea, I had heard this a while back when everyone was all a-twitter about it. I can't wait. I am so there.

    TEAM PEETA! Whoot!


  2. We JUST heard about it =( I'm telling ya, we really meant business when we said we were on hiatus! LOL!

    I can't wait to see it!! You KNOW we're all buying matching shirts and we're going to watch it together. LOL!

  3. I'm reading The Hunger Games now pretty interesting book so far.... I would like to see it as a movie


  4. I can't wait for the movie, wow even though the trailer isn't the real one it was pretty good! lol, I sorta picture the movie like that. I can see why you'd pick a young Angelina Jolie, maybe a look like her movie Tomb Raider but with way more clothes on lol :)

  5. I was so happy to hear that Suzanne Collins was writing the screenplay!

    The casting of Katniss is going to make or break this film.

    Team Gale!


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