Rant or Rave Monday 1.25.10

Isalys's Rave

So this is actually more of a bitter sweet Rave. Many of our local Borders Express and Walden Books are closing their doors :( I don't think this applies to any of their main (big) branches, only their smaller ones. Nonetheless, we must bid them farewell!

Why is this my Rave post for this week? Because it means that the entire store is on uber, mega-clearance :) and that means that my money will take me extra far and get me a zillion more books than usual and that makes me very happy!

This weekend...and the week before that...and the week before that, Vanessa and I went to Borders Express and ransacked what was left of their YA and Romance section. (Side note: All YA was 60% off and Romance was 70% - woot!) Book stores should have grocery carts available for people like us because our arms can only hold so much!

Pfft...I don't think I have a problem! *insert sarcasm here*

But at least I'm not alone...I've got my book soulmate/partner in crime with me :)

I can't say that I actually bought ALL those books [at one time] because if I had, my husband would probably throw me in a padded van. However, I will say that I'm out-growing my current bookshelf at lightning speed! LOL


  1. Ya know... I dont think I like Mobile Pics. lol. I look pale and sick! lol

  2. Aye, I don't think you do...at least no paler than I do! haha

    Man, I can't wait for Summer. I need to work on the tan.


  3. This sale was the best thing in the world it makes it hurt when you pay so little for a bunch of book and then have to go and pay full price for another...

    PS I don't think you have a problem (LOL) which maybe says that I have a problem too (LOL)

  4. I recently went to a store called "Savers". Its a Thrift store and I found a section with books. All in pretty good condition. It was buy 4 get the 5th one free. I, or course, grabbed 5. Total came out to $8 for all 5 books!


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