The Heartbreakers Challenge

The Heartbreakers Challenge
February 1 - 28, 2010


The Rules:

♥ Read as many heartbreaking books as you can between February 1 - 28, 2010.
Ex. The book has to have some kind of heartbreak in it. Even if the book ends with a happy ending (which, lets face it, most of them do) as long as there's some kind of heartbreak, you can count it towards the challenge.

♥ Anyone can join!
Bloggers need to post a review on their site and then link it back here under the specific month. Do not link back with your general blog link. Paste the link to the actual REVIEW post.

Non-Bloggers can write a review and post it on any leading book site, such as Amazon, B&N, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, etc. Then, after you post it on one of those sites, paste THAT link under the respective month.

♥ If you are a blogger and you decide to participate in this challenge, then please copy and paste the above image icon onto the sidebar of your blog.

♥ You do NOT need to select your books ahead of time. You can choose along the way.

♥ Your books CAN cross over into any of our other challenges.
Ex. If you are participating in iChallenge Playlist and you read a book about a werewolf who breaks a girls heart, then you can count it toward both Heartbreakers and iWere :)

♥ You cannot use old posted reviews.
In other words, if you read a book last year that you already wrote a review on, you cannot count it towards these challenges unless you read it again and write a fresh review.

♥ There WILL be a prize at the end of the month. The prize item is to be determined.

♥ The prizes will only be sent within the U.S. and Canada.
Sorry about that! We pay for this ourselves and we will not be able to send anything outside of the U.S. and Canada.

♥ Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email Vanessa at twerd413[at]gmail[dot]com or Isalys at booksoulmates[at]gmail[dot]com.

Sign up for the Challenge below:


  1. Who doesn't love books with a little heartbreak? Love this challenge! :)

  2. We totally agree!

    Happy endings are that much sweeter when the characters have to work for them :)


  3. My blog url changed, so i added myself on the Mr. Linky twice. The second one should lead you to the right page :)


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