Rant or Rave Monday 2.22.10

So we thought we'd do a little ranting today on something that we've given a lot of thought to...and that's cover art. As avid readers, we've come to realize that the cover art of a book is a large part of a book's overall success. We all know that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but should and won't aren't the same thing. We rely on a book's cover to attract our attention. With thousands of books lining the shelves, a book's cover should say, "Hey, pick me, pick me!" Otherwise, you'll just walk on by and may miss out on reading a great book.

This especially applies to new/first-time authors. Well established authors who have a strong fan base could probably put a turd on the cover and someone will read their books. However, if you're a new author, you really need to rely on your book's cover art as part of your marketing strategy.

Case in point, The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich which Isalys referenced on Friday's Vlog Post. We've heard about how funny & well-written these books are, but the truth is that we haven't read them because the cover art just isn't all that appealing. It seems more of a deterrent than a lure.

Note from Isalys: To be perfectly frank, I find the covers to be obnoxious and little too much of a throwback to the good 'ol 1980s. They weren't something that I was excited about adding to my shelf. However, I will say that Janet makes them memorable with the lime green and highlighter orange color action she's got going on, lol!

I have added the first book to my TBR list because I trust my friend's judgment and will read it on her recommendation :)

Here are a few of Isalys's favorite covers ♥
{I Heart Vanessa's choices too!}

♥ Here are a few of Vanessa's favorite covers ♥

{I Heart Isa's choices too! lol}

What can we say, we have the same taste =)

Do you think covers are important to how well a book does?
What are your favorite and least favorite covers?


  1. Hi, You are right about book covers they draw you and and help you chose the book. Sometimes I find the book cover better than the actual book, and I think 'oh it should have been so great..the cover was'! lol

  2. Eye candy! - I agree all those covers are lovely. I have been wanting to read/buy Wuthering Heights. I think I might once I get my hands on that cover. :D


  3. Oh and another note, the Stephanie Plum novels are a hoot! I stopped around the 9th one and haven't gotten back to them but I should. They really were great. Read it sooner than later, I'm sure you'll like it.


  4. Yes book covers are supper important if your cover sucks then there a good chance I won't be reading you (LOL) I know it's crazy but it's the truth


  5. I have heard good things about The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. I too don't like the cover, but apparently most of the series are all the same. One day, I will get it at the library.

  6. Cover art on books is like cover art on album covers. If it doesn't catch your eye, well it won't sell (it doesn't matter what songs/story is on the inside, there are people do collect cds just for the cover art - strange but true).
    I'm not saying that I won't read a plain green book put out by Penguin Books, but a book with great cover art will always be read before the plain green cover one from my Mt TBR.

  7. I think the covers need to be catchy in order to get me to pick the book up, but I don't feel the characters need to be 100% identical to whoever is portraying them on the cover. I mean the important traits need to be there but not exact.
    I was at B&N last night and I was looking on the Alice and Wonderland cover! Crush worthy to say the least


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