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Calling all bloggers, storytellers and Halloween junkies!
We thought it'd be fun to do something new, something different, something just for shits 'n grins :)

Today, we're going to CREATE-A-STORY!

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Here goes:

"Screams can be heard along the ghostly corridor of the old abandoned hospital.  Shut down over 60 years ago, all that's left are painful memories and the morose apparitions of former patients who stalk the halls waiting for their time to finally leave this hell on earth.  A place that was supposed to care for them and instead tortured them in their final days.  

Across the lawn, Cassidy peered over the old iron fence now overgrown with ivy.  It was nearly evening, but there was enough sunlight left that she caught the swift movement across one of the windows of the far east tower.  Gone so quickly she would have missed it had she not been studying that very spot seconds earlier.  

"Breathe in, breathe out," she told herself.  She could do this.  It was just a stupid bet.  Right?"

Let's get as many comments as we can and make it a fun and SpOokTaCuLaR story :)

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  1. Straightening herself, Cassidy left her legs as she begin to pull up and over the fence. She fell with a light thud trailing over to a bush to hide behind. Why did she have to take the stupid bet? Because she thought, you can never let anything go. She was going to prove to herself and others that she was not a coward. Cassidy looked back over her shoulder making sure the coast was clear. Taking another deep breath, she stepped forward lightly making her way to the dark abandoned house.

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  2. I mean Cassidy knows she doesn't scare easily so she wondered why she very seriously told her friends that she was brave enough to not only go into the old loony bin by herself but to also bring back a memento with her.

    Just as she's finally beginning to tip toe (because for some reason she thought tip-toeing was called for at a time like this) she heard movement off to he side and stopped mid-stride.. "Hello?" "Who's There? "You guys are such jerks... I really hope you're not out there trying to scare me." Because I'm totally in control of this - she whispered to herself.

  3. Cassidy waited a few moments and heard nothing. I can do this, she thought. She looked around again and her gaze fell on one that same window on the far east tower where she had seen movement before. She couldn't see anything, yet it kept calling to her.

    As she got closer to the hospital, she wondered how she would ever get it. All the windows and doors were boarded up. Then she remembered someone saying that in the back of the hospital, there was a window in the basement who's board had fallen and the window was broken. As she started walking toward the back, she heard footsteps coming from behind her. She swirled around and saw...

  4. Ryder?!

    Great! This situation is just getting better by the minute. Not only am I on my way into an old abandoned asylum that has been rumored to be haunted, but now the guy that I have been crushing on for what seems like forevah is here... standing in front of me.

    "Ryder - what are you doing here? You scared me half to death."

    "Hey Cass, I thought you might want some company."

    Indignantly she stomped (did she really just stomp?)... uh, of course she did, she always makes a fool of herself in front of Ryder.

    "I thought the bet was to do this alone. You being here will only slow me down." (Please, please stay - she thought) But right as she was going to turn around and continue with her breaking and entering a light shone down on them from...

    "What the hell is that?" Ryder said.

  5. “My name is Emma,” said the voice with no body. Her ghostly glow swept around them. “Please, don’t run. I’ve been stuck here for 75 years. I lived and died here. I want nothing more than to leave.”

    “Is this some kind of joke?” said Ryder.
    Cassidy clutched his hand.

    “I know you’re here on a bet, probably hoping for a laugh and a fear-filled kiss. I know I’m not what you were hoping to find. But I’m all that’s left of this place. And I need your help.”

    “What do you want from us?” said Cassidy.

    “I want you to set fire to this hell hole. I want you to burn it down.”

    Ryder pulled Cassidy toward him. “Lets get out of here,” he whispered.
    But as they turned to run…

  6. They slammed into some sort of wall. A force so thick and dark that they nearly stumbled through Emma who was behind them.

    They heard the ghost gasp and then she disappeared as if she was frightened away. Instantly, Cassidy and Ryder were overcome with wave after wave of pure malice. An evil unlike anything they could have imagined.

    "So I guess Emma isn't the only thing left of this place?" said Ryder, whose sweaty hand Cassidy still held.

  7. "Cass, I really think it's time to get out of here" Ryder said. They tried to take steps away from the asylum but they just couldn't.

    "We're trapped" Cassidy said exasperated. "I keep trying to walk, to run, to move and I can't. Can you?"

    "No. Whatever is holding us back definitely doesn't want us to leave."

    Ryder pulls her closer and they both turn and look at that tiny window with its shattered glass.

    "It seems like our only way out of this is... is in."

  8. As they slowly made their way toward the entrance, a rush of cold air swirled around them instantly filling them with fear. "Were not alone." Cassidy whispered as she clutched Ryder's hand. Ryder's face paled as he look around for its source. "We have to keep going if we want to get out." Cassidy nodded her head slowly walking to the door. She lifted her hand to pull open the door, when it pulled itself open, letting out a slow and fearful creak...

  9. Oooo I wish I could. I'm the worst writer.

  10. Ryder and Cassidy had no other choice but to step over that threshold.

    Looking down Cassidy realized she was still holding on to Ryder's hand in a death grip and let go. But just as she let go she felt something grab her hair. She turned around but there was nothing there. That's when she heard the eerie sound, immediately breaking her skin into goose bumps, as if something were dragging itself in the floor above them. She looked to Ryder - but he looked like as if he was about to make a run for it and she grabbed his hand again.... death grip be damned. The air felt charged and suddenly the door bang shut behind them.

    They were left in total darkness.

  11. The temperature dropped and even in the darkness, Cassidy imagined that she could see the fog of her breath. She felt Ryder shiver next to her and she inched closer to him. The darkness only made the strange, eerie noises seem amplified.

    Despite the ice cold fear running through her veins, Cassidy couldn't help but enjoy the fact that she was holding the hand of Ryder Strong - the boy that's she been crushing on for as long as she can remember. She was imagining running her fingers through his spiky black hair when he spoke, breaking her reverie. "Maybe we could use the light on my cell phone to see?" he said. "Good idea," she replied. Thank God he couldn't see her blush in the dark.

    The LED light on his cell phone only gave out about a foot of light, but it was enough that they spotted the shadow of a door across the small space. It was precariously hanging by one hinge.

  12. "I wanted you to burn it!"

    The voice wasn't beside them, but all around them. Cassidy felt the chill of ten lesser degrees walking through her.

    Ryder's hand dropped from hers. From his other hand the cell phone dropped. For eight seconds the cell phone light cast a small streak across the floor. Then it went out.

    "Ryder?!" The lump in her throat had not been there a minute ago. It came when Ryder left. She swung her arms around to reach him.


    "All I wanted was the fire. The warm glow. You couldn't do that for me could you?"

    The lump finally became a sob.


    "The fire was all I wanted."

    Cassidy heard a match light near the one hinged door. She saw Ryder there. And she saw someone right behind him. His eyes glowed yellow. He smiled and the match went out.

    Then she heard the scream of the boy she had been crushing on...

  13. OMG Bob!! That totally rocked my world! That was pretty damn scary there. Ok... ok... I must come up with something to save poor Ryder!

  14. And she knew he was dead. Emma had taken him with her. His eyes glowed darker as his body disintegrated before her eyes. Now she would never have him. Ryder was gone forever.

    Alone in the darkness, Cassidy cowered in fear.

    "Could this all be a cruel, demented joke?" she asked herself.
    Is he really gone?

  15. "This can't be happening. It's all just an illusion," she mumbled to herself in a feeble attempt to control her pounding heart.

    "Ryder! This isn't funny anymore dammit!" she yelled into the darkness.

    "Ryder isn't here right now," the hoarse voice whispered, suddenly next to her ear. Before she could react, she saw a small flame come to life in the corner of the room. She needed to find a way out fast, before the building burned down with her still in it.

    "You better run little one," the voice said next and then the silence was shattered by a maniacal laugh that chilled her from the inside out.

    She scrabbled to the floor feeling her way around. As she crawled across the filthy floor, she caught her knee on something incredibly sharp. She felt warm blood ooze from the stinging wound.

  16. As Cassidy feels the blood ooze from her leg, she feels a cold sharp metal object touch her fingers. "A scalpel" she whispers "What's a scalpel doing in a mental hospital?". As she picks up the scalpel she see images of surgery being done. They are harvesting organs. She can clearly see the heart the surgeon is holding in his hand.

  17. The image rocked her to her core, and instantly, Cassidy dropped the scalpel. A silver gleam of light bounced around the room as the instrument thudded against the hard floor.

    Without hesitating, Cassidy screamed then evoked the power that would make Olympic runners jealous to stretch her legs across the stained floor as fast as she could. She didn't know how she had gotten in here, but she was sure as hell getting out.

    As she turned a corner, she caught sight of a set of double doors down a long corridor. They looked promising enough, so with a quick glance behind her, she raced in the direction of promised freedom.

    Suddenly, strong arms engulfed her. Cassidy tried to pull away, but the more she struggled, the more she seemed to get stuck in the embrace of something big, something that was blocking her from the exit.

    "Cassidy! Cassidy!" It shouted as it shook her. "Cassidy! Wake up! Wake up!"

    Different sensations started to filter into her mind. She forced open her eyes and blinked. And blinked again.

    It took her a while to realize her father was holding her. She looked around frantically and realized she was in her bedroom.

    When she found her voice again, she squeaked out, "What happened?"

    "Sweetheart," her dad sighed in relief. "You were having a nightmare, again. They are becoming more frequent, aren't they?"

    Cassidy didn't know what to say. She felt shocked. It all felt so real. Then she thought of Ryder. She had seen him die! She had to know to truth. She had to know if it was real or not.

    "Dad, where is the phone? I need to make a call."


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