Guest Blogger: Halloween with Paranormal Haven

Every Monday this month, we welcoming a Guest Blogger(s) to Book ♥ Soulmates.

This week we asked the lovely and very witty ladies from Paranormal Haven to tell us all about how they like to celebrate Halloween with the kids!

We want to thank Isalys & Vanessa for inviting us to join them during their Halloween celebration. Since our Halloweens are dedicated to Athenna's little ones (who are Stephanie's godchildren) we would like you to join us as we crack open the photo album and take a trip down memory lane. We wanted to show off past Halloween costumes worn by 4 of Athenna's 5 (yup 5) kids. Be warned, our sense of humor may seem a bit off.
Gabriel as Andy (2005)

Stephanie: I had no say in this costume. In fact, I was against it. It looks like Gabriel was too.

Athenna: I liked it and they both would have looked cute if they didn't cry when I put it on them.

Stephanie: There are no known pictures of Adrianna in her costume. She REALLY hated it!

Athenna: And she will probably thank me for that when she's older.

Gabriel as Donald Duck (2007)

Athenna: He was done with trick or treating. He decided to just take the whole bucket.

Stephanie: Ya, good luck getting this kid to share his candy.

Athenna: He learned his food sharing skills from you.

Stephanie: Yes, Stephanie does not share her food. (Fans of Friends got that one)

Cayla and Adrianna as angels (2008)

Stephanie: Ooohhh, how adorable! This is when Adrianna was 3. If I was to dress her now she would be wearing a lil' devil costume.

Athenna: If I remember correctly she said she got her attitude from you.

Stephanie: No comment!

Gabriel as a greaser (2008)

Athenna: Watch out John Travolta. You've got nothing on him.

Stephanie: The tattoo was a nice touch.

Gabriel Captain Hook (2008)

Stephanie: Costume looks perfect....until you get to the shoes.

Athenna: He didn't want to wear the boot covers and they didn't fit him.

Stephanie: That's right he is abnormally small like his mother.

Athenna: Just because he is foot shorter than everyone in his class doesn't make him abnormal.

Jayden as Mickey (2008)

Athenna: That was the best part of the costume, the little Mickey butt.

Stephanie: He could not have been less interested in taking pictures. Apparently grass is more entertaining than us.

Adrianna as Minnie Mouse (2008)

Stephanie: If she only would behave as adorably as she looks.

Athenna: She is really cute. We might have to lock her up during her teenage years.

Jayden as an old man (2008 or year of many costumes)

Athenna: Look at my little old man. Great last minute costume.

Stephanie: The bow tie and hair do really make the costume.

Athenna: You can't see them but I liked the penny loafers the best.

Adrianna as Little Red Riding Hood (2009)

Stephanie: I picked this one. Another adorable pick on my part :-)

Athenna: I still think she would have made a cute Marilyn Monroe!

Stephanie: Right. Dress her up as a sex symbol *rolls eyes*

Jayden Robin (2009)

Athenna: He really did like that costume

Stephanie: I bet you didn't know Robin wears Thomas the Tank Engine sun glasses

Athenna: If not, Robin should because he looks super cool

Thank you for enduring our humor and we want to thank our lovely hosts here at Book ♥ Soulmates for having us over.

Thank you ladies for stopping by and hanging out with us.  Athenna, I bet you have your hands full {I don't know how you find the time to blog too, lol} but your kids are absolutely adorable!  

If you'd like to see more pictures including what they will dress up as for Halloween this year, then make sure to check out their special Halloween post on October 31st!


  1. Pretty freakin cute if I do say so myself :-)

    Stephanie G

  2. Oh I can't wait till I get my little ones in some costumes too cute ;)

  3. I never got to be anything but an effing ghost! Rip a few holes in an old sheet ... now go get some candy!

    These are much cuter.

  4. Aw, cute! My favorite has to be the greaser. Thanks for sharing. :D

  5. Ya I'll give Athenna credit for the greaser outfit but auntie bought the pants!

    I never got to be anything cool either DB! The only time I came close to having good costume was when my mother borrowed a used bride costume that was too big for me.

    Stephanie G


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