Holiday Reading Challenge 2010

So of course I decided to join "Holiday Reading Challenge 2010" hosted by All About {n}.  First, Nely is my homegirl and I luf her!  Second, this is jolly good challenge :)

All About {n}

Last year, I joined her 2009 challenge...or more appropriately, tried to join. I read some very sweet & wholesome books but quickly learned that I missed my smut and drama, haha.

Here are the books that I hope to read this season:

A Christmas Waltz by Jane Goodger
A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Far From You by Lisa Shroeder
The Christmas Hope by Donna VanLiere
The Christmas Promise by Donna VanLiere

The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig

An Affair Before Christmas by Eloisa James
Christmas with the Duchess by Tamara Lejeune

If any of you are interested in joining this challenge, head on over to Nely's blog and sign up!  Now wish me luck :)


  1. You joined... I knew you's were a true homegirl... lol lol lol

    Great selection of books too! I may just have to steal some of those ;)

  2. Hahah...but of course!! We homegirls look out for each other :)

    It's funny - A Christmas Carol is my favoritest Christmas story and I've never actually read the original by Dickens. I got it at B&N and this year, it's # 1 on my Christmas reading list!

    I'm going to really try to read nothing by Christmas related books all December!


  3. I plan on doing the same - although I read A Christmas Carol like 3 years in a row and I'm skipping the original this year. Instead, I plan on reading the pop-up book this year - which is pretty f-ing amazing if I say so myself. The kids are stoked especially since I put it up in the highest shelf on my bookcase in order for them not to reach with those little grubby fingers and break it. It looks so fragile. But I lurrrrv it!

  4. I joined also, and have already started reading them. The books by Donna VanLieder are all really good.

  5. Great choices! I read Christmas Shoes/Hope/Promise last year & plan to do so again. They were interesting.
    Happy Reading!

  6. Nice!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE holiday reads and can't wait for your reviews.


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