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  1. I love this website, its awesome! It makes me want to read even more books!! Love you girls!

  2. I love your blog design! It is SUPER cute! You lovely ladies and I also read lots of the same books so I'll be following your blog for SURE. :)

  3. Hi,
    I love very much the whole "book soulmates". I have yet to find my book soulmate :D
    Anyway just wanted to say that you guys are pretty cool.
    Officially following you.
    When ya'll (Texas girl) can check out mine: theshortone08.blogspot.com

    -martha :D

  4. Loved reading your about us section! I will most definitely be exploring this blog further. Officially added to my book blogs bookmark!! : )

  5. Hi I'm an Italian girl I speak a bit of English and I really like your blog,it's fantastic I'm probably going to follow it

  6. Hi! I just found this blog and it seems like it ended four years ago? Is this true if so I'm so sad! It seems like something I would definitely be interested in. If it's not over and just things have changed please let me know.

  7. Tausha1990@hotmail.com, my comment is the one above for some reason it did not show my email.

  8. Homeless/homesick for foreign lands.
    I mean Seventh-Heaven.
    Wanna join moi, aussi?
    ♡ en.gravatar.com/MatteBlk ♡


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