Sticks & Stones and Words Do Hurt!

This week is officially "No Name-Calling Week" and we here at Book ♥ Soulmates fully support this cause!!

Most of us have been bullied, teased and picked-on at one point in our lives and we can all agree that it does hurt.  Sometimes we don't even realize that the hurtful things we say to one another can affect us for years and well into adulthood.  Sadly, we say this from personal experience :(

And what's even more sad is that this problem seems to be getting worse with people being attacked online now and some even leading to suicide.

Let's take this time to learn a very valuable lesson.  God put us all on this earth, just as we are, for a reason.  Let's all learn to accept and respect each other!!

ECYA Book Blog provided a great list of books all about bullying.
Click [HERE] to check it out!

Just like Jennifer from YABOOKNERD put it, "Sticks and stones hurt, but so do words!"

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Yay! Wonderful movement. And I've heard it was a YA book (THE MISFITS) that inspired it.

  2. This is awesome. I also posted it!! If you want to see a story about my son and his bully story I posted it on my blog. Hes only 9 and already has to deal with these things. Its so sad!!!


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