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How Big Is Your R.A.K.?
"Random Acts of Kindness" is just a fun & thoughtful way to share a surprise with fellow bloggers & bookworms by giving them something from their online wishlist 'just because'.  Share YOUR wishlist and maybe someone will surprise you!

More about R.A.K. [HERE].
NOTE:  Sign-up forms are updated for each month so you have to sign up for the particular month you want to participate in.

Blog Soulmate
An exclusive weekly feature where we select one blog to spotlight for all it's awesomeness.

Meet our previous Blog Soulmates [HERE].

"You Can Quote Me"
Special feature where we highlight quotes from reviews written by fellow bloggers that were printed inside books.

See who's been quoted so far [HERE].

Grammar 101
Feature where we share some funny grammar no-no's and how to fix them.  Think of it as Isalys's lessons in "how to speak and write proper English".

More Grammar lessons [HERE].

US vs. UK
Monthly feature where we pair up US and UK versions of the same book and vote on who has the better cover.

More cover showdowns [HERE]. 

Cover Art
Where we reveal to you the cover art of upcoming releases.

More pretty covers [HERE].

Book Trailers
Where we share book trailers for upcoming releases.

More trailers [HERE].

Author Events
Where we tell you about the authors who visit Miami and share our #MIAcrew pictures with you.

See who we've met so far [HERE].

and last but not least...

Where you get to see Vanessa & Isalys in action talking about books and whatever else pops in their heads!

Watch our previous videos [HERE].


  1. I just want to say that out of all the book blogs I've seen, your theme is the best. I absolutely adore it! :)

  2. Hands down your book blog is the best I've seen! It feels like a community rather than a site, and I want to join this world :)


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