Isalys is taking a trip...

to Sin City!!

It's time for my annual trip to Las Vegas for the HD Expo.  It's a show for the hospitality industry where my associates and I work the various booths and talk to clients about the latest & greatest in the furniture biz.  Yep, I sell furniture for hotels when I'm not busy reading or blogging.

I'll be flying out this afternoon and will be gone all week; returning on Friday 5/20.  I've decided to use this time to take a little vacay from blogging.  My week will be jam-packed with sales meetings, booth tours, presentations, cocktail parties, dinners, etc.  Oh, what a glamorous life, lol!  So you see, it will be pretty much impossible to blog during that time.

Vanessa will be lurking about and might pop on to say HI or share some info with you guys.  If you see her, tell her to stay out of trouble will I'm away =P  {I keed!}

Anyhoo, stay cool while I'm gone and try not to miss me too much!
{I'm such a kidder today! lol}


  1. I looove Vegas! Have a safe trip my friend. I'll try really hard not to miss you too much. *sigh*

  2. Have fun!! I desperately want to go to LV. Make sure you don't work the whole time, take some time for yourself and do something fun! I hope we all get to hear about your trip when you're back (with pictures?) lol.

  3. I loooove Vegas! Totally jealous! Take me with you!!!!!

  4. Have tons of fun! We will miss you, hope you get a chance to update us on twitter ;-)

  5. I always wondered what you did for work. I'm one of those people that wonders about the person behind the blog ;)
    Have a great trip!


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