Twitter Tuesday 5.3.11

So Twitter Tuesday, as conceived by our homegirl Ash from Smash Attack Reads may possibly be one of the most brilliant memes evah!  Why?  Because it's where we get a chance to showcase some of the funniest conversations we have on Twitter.  Let's admit it...we're all a bit nuts and sometimes we have conversations that are downright hysterical.  Even though these conversations are public, it seems a waste not to share them here with you all. 

Funny Convo #1:  Take a conversation Isalys had with @WickedLPixie and @johnnie_cakes over Net Galley's offering to review a book about "hot guys with baby animals". (Yes, you read that correctly!)

WickedLPixie: There is a book for review on Netgalley. Hot guys with baby animals. REALLY? REEEEALLY?

johnnie_cakes: Yeah, because that really needs reviewers. It boggled my mind when I saw it too.

IsaBookSoulmate: LMAO!!! (I'm kinda speechless right now.) I imagine it must be a picture book, right?

WickedLPixie: yes LOL

johnnie_cakes:  "the pictures of men were out of focus, while the baby animals seemed disinterested in the project. Guy on page 45, fugly."

IsaBookSoulmate: @johnnie_cakes LMAO!! @WickedLPixie "However, the guy on page 23 was very attractive while the baby llama did nothing for me". LOL!

WickedLPixie: omg you two stop, I'm cackling & thinking about requesting it!!

johnnie_cakes: @IsaBookSoulmate LOL! Perfect!!! @WickedLPixie, you should totally review it!

WickedLPixie: I will if you 2 do! LOL 

IsaBookSoulmate:  Almost tempting...even if it's just for shits & grins. You think they'll also let me review coloring books?

WickedLPixie: Only if you have crayola & not dollar store colors!

IsaBookSoulmate: But of course, only the best for quality reviews for NetGalley. How else can I properly review it?! LMAO!

WickedLPixie: ROTFLMAO you're killing me

Funny Convo #2: Involves Henry Cavill and a naughty picture involving his tongue. This conversation is rated "R" and it's lengthy but it's too funny not to share.

IsaBookSoulmate: Tongues? What are you guys talking about?

JamieLynn831: This picture! RT @vickydreiling: You better sit down first LOL.

vickydreiling: Did @isabooksoulmate lose consciousness?

IsaBookSoulmate: Just barely! That may be one of the most sensual pics I've seen (sexy just does not cover it).

IsaBookSoulmate: Who exactly is this delicious man that is really making me miss my husband right now?! LOL

JamieLynn831: that is none other than our love Henry Cavill you may know him as Charles Brandon from the Tudors

vickydreiling: Henry Cavill - His Royal Hawtness.

vickydreiling:: Seriously, he's gorgeous. First fell in lust w/him on Tudors.

IsaBookSoulmate: Oh yes, me too!! I remember when the show first came out, I was like "hello and who are you?" *hand on hip*

jennifergracen: OMG, not this pic again... it KILLS me. My God.

JamieLynn831: I had bring it out for @IsaBookSoulmate she missed it last night lol

vickydreiling: #mancandy only supposed to 1X/week. But Henry's tongue - what can I say? Pant, pant, pant

IsaBookSoulmate: Henry deserves more than one day a week!!

IsaBookSoulmate : So are we starting a "Henry and his tongue" fan club? Cuz I'm in :) lol Oh Henry, he's our man - if he can't do it, er us, no one can! *clap clap*

romancemama: I leave long enough to watch GLEE and y'all go into a Henry frenzy? No fair.

BookEmDonna I think it's safe to say they're ALWAYS in a Henry frenzy. LOL

vickydreiling: I just sent it to @romancemama - I think she passed out.

JamieLynn831: did you miss the OH HENRY pic from last nite? Must find for you

IsaBookSoulmate: I think you're right...I haven't seen her tweet back!! *gets cold bucket of water*

romancemama: Sorry. I kinda blacked out there for a minute. Forgot to breathe

romancemama it's all Henry all the time! We can't be left unsupervised when Henry is concerned.

IsaBookSoulmate: Shamefully, I'll admit that I STILL have that pic open and I keep sneaking glances, LOL!

vickydreiling: I know - naturally I saved a copy to look at - er, periodically - er, frequently.

JamieLynn831: it’s definitely naughty but that pic so deserves something naughty lol

IsaBookSoulmate: You dirty bitch! LMAO! (that's a compliment)

JamieLynn831: Best compliment ever! RT @IsaBookSoulmate: @JamieLynn831 You dirty bitch! LMAO! (that's a compliment)

IsaBookSoulmate: I was reading a YA book but there's a good chance that, uh, that might not be enough after that photo.

IsaBookSoulmate: And I WAS going to write a review for a YA book but I'm seriously distracted now! Shit!

JamieLynn831: now i dare you to go and try and write a YA review after that lol

romancemama Can't do YA after that!!!

IsaBookSoulmate: YA you say? HA!! Ain't gonna happen now.

romancemama: Dear Mr Cavill: you may want to look into a restraining order

IsaBookSoulmate: Don't tip him off. At least let us have a go at him first, lol.

*Phew* That was a funny-ass week. Hope you guys got a good laugh at our maniacal humor! Don't forget to share some of YOUR funny tweets or convos. Til next time!


  1. LMAO! Love it!! It makes me want to get a twitter account just to see what pictures you come across next!

  2. Oh lordy, like HC wasn't already delicious enough, now I'VE had to save the picture for future drooling! I think it's contagious... ;)

  3. OMG Henry Cavill is delish!! TFS :)


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