The Real Vlog is Back!

Time to get up, Buttercup!!

It's another lovely Monday morning and we are happy to say that the REAL vlog starring Isalys AND Vanessa is back :) *woot woot*

We spent an entire Sunday together planning all our awesome blog posts for the year (yes, for the year *phew*) and we made great progress on our top secret project that will be announced very all-in-all, it was a GREAT day!

And a great day will lead to a great week starting with our first official VLOG for 2011.

So here you go...Book ♥ Soulmates back in action!

Have a GREAT week guys!!


  1. You guys are funny! lol.
    I love some of the new features you were talking about and I can't wait for them. I'm not much of a writer but the fan-fic idea sounds awesome. And I love the RAK idea. Awesome Vlog! Can't wait to see the "Super-Duper Secret!" lol.

  2. Great vlog guys. I'm loving the new features. I'm definitely looking forward to following you through what looks to be a very exciting 2011.

  3. Thank you!! We're super excited for all the new Features too!!!

    ♥ V

  4. I enjoy your vlogs....and swear all you like...I talk like a sailor myself. Although, it is obvious who likes to throw around the f-bomb...LMAO. Glad your back V, Vane, Vanessa, whatever you are going by this week. :)

    The features look fun, I hope they succeed, it is hard sometimes to start new ones...they are usually so under appreciated. I am all about RAK, I am all about getting packages in the mail.

    What the hell is the Super Duper Secret?

  5. Great Vlog girls I love you guys and think your doing an awesome job plus you guys are supper dupper funny lol

  6. Yay! You're back!

    And of course we love you! All the new features sound great. I'm excited about RAK, and all the super duper surprises.

    Thanks ladies! Lots to look forward to.

  7. You guys are funny!
    Awesome Vlog.
    I love the RAK idea being able to give to people just because it's nice. I'm constantly going to bookstores, and seeing things that I think WOW I bet somebody would like this.

    I agree with Vanessa I'm bad at grammar and the punctuation stuff. I use to have one of my friends edit stories I wrote. Awesome idea. :)

  8. V: I missed you! *high five* Love your glasses :)

    Isa & V:
    -Channeling the Godfather? LOL :)
    -Rak? I love it! So totally cool!
    -Unearthly was awesome!

    Exciting changes :)

  9. Great vlog. You girls are too funny. Love the idea of RAK. :)

  10. I adore the RAK idea. *loves giving presents*. Muhahahahahaha.


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