Vlog Review - Mystery Romance Book

T-G-I-F my lovelies!!!

I decided to do this vlog review thang again.  This time, I'm ranting about a book that I started but just couldn't finish...and here I'll explain why!

I actually filmed this a while back, but dang YouTube took forevahhhhh to upload!  Third time was the charm I guess.

So here you go...

Here's the link to the vid on YouTube in case you have any trouble watching it on here.


  1. Oh my! Great Vlog--I have to say that not knowing ahead of time about borderline erotica etc would a little jarring! I don't particularly liked being too surprised in that area either. Especially since it's probably shelved as a historical romance?
    Good discretion too, because you know there's different strokes for different folks!

  2. You did a great job with this rant. If I wasn't at work I'd be on the floor laughing. Thanks for making Friday that much better. =)

  3. Aw girls, thanks for that pat on the back - I was afraid that I sounded stupid or something! I guess I was a bit nervous since this was my first rant vlog!

    I think I'm "nicer" on video than in person...I'm so much more sarcastic live! Maybe next time, I'll unleash the fury! LMAO


  4. OMG Isa I LOVED LOVED this Vlog you had me laughing and I so agree with you on everything you keep doing these Vlogs I think it was amazing and I liked that you didn't say the name of the book it shows how much you respect Authors XOXO

  5. A. Hot top!
    B. LOL Chapter 2 is too early to "warm up the oven".
    C. Hey caves can be hot ;)
    D. LOL "Does homegirl walk?"
    E. Sounds like some romance books need to be marked as Erotica?
    F. This is your first DNF? I'm impressed! If a book doesn't get me by the 100th page, I give up.


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