Anna Paquin Promises More Nudity - True Blood Season 2

Kiwi actress Anna Paquin has promised there will be more nudity as the second season of True Blood kicks off in America.
Paquin plays waitress Sookie Stackhouse, who is in love with a vampire, in Alan Ball's hit HBO show. The second season began screening in America on Sunday night.
The first season has just finished screening on Prime in New Zealand, and the network promised the second season would air later this year.
Paquin, who won a best actress Golden Globe award earlier this year for her role on the show, said she had been working out at the gym more as there was increased nudity in the second season.
"I get more naked this season than I did last season," she told "We have a really great crew and everyone's really respectful. It's not an issue for me."
"I work my ass off. I'm very careful about what I eat, and I work out a lot. My costume entails bathing suits, short-shorts and nude scenes.
"I don't want to be perpetuating the myth that women actually do look exactly like the way they look in magazines and on television through absolutely no effort!"
Paquin is dating her on-screen boyfriend Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton.
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Watch the trailer for season two below:


  1. Yes you can tell in the first Episode she is more nude then in the whole first season

  2. Yeah...first episode and we already saw boobies, lol.

  3. Oh yeah...I think they're trying to draw in guys that don't know diddly about the book series. (OMG! Rogue boobies!)

    But is anyone else totally bored by the side plots about Jason, Tara, ect?

    And...Eric with foil highlights? A metrosexual vicking vampire. Say that ten times fast.


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