Manic Mondays...Anything Goes!

Last night was the new season premier of True Blood, HBO's adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

We were wondering, as Sookie Stackhouse fans to another, what do you guys think of the show? Today we are giving you the floor to voice your opinions, likes/dislikes, and general thoughts of the books versus the show.

Our numero uno question is:

Do you think HBO is doing a good job of bringing the books to life?



  1. I like the spin they're putting on things. And as far as doing the books justice - I feel that it somewhat mirrors the tone of the books, if a little darker that than Harris's work. If the barometer of my hatred of book Bill vs tv Bill is anything to go by, then they're on par with each other, lol.

  2. I really like the show but I don't think there going by the book I mean they got the characters and like the main Plot as the book but they add so many extra things that have nothing to do with the book I think the books are awesome and I really like the show but I think I will see them as two different things if not I'm going to get upset with how not accurate there doing the show

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  4. Hi Girls!

    Thanks for the posts :)

    I personally felt let down with the show at first. I actually got pretty angry and screamed at the TV a few times "That's not what happens! What are you doing?!" lol. I guess I have to try to see the show in a different way... I need to think to myself "The show is BASED on the books, it will be different" ... I just wish it wouldn't be sooooo different. Why does Tara play such a huge role in the TV series when in the books she doesn't.... Grrrrr.

    I'll try to give it another chance though. At least I know what the characters look like now.


  5. That's exactly how I felt when I started reading Phillipa Gregory. It's really hard to detach yourself from something you know so well when you see it portrayed inaccurately in something else.



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