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Fielding Grey, treasure hunter (think Nicholas Cage in National Treasure), is hired by Solomon's - a secret society made up of scholars, collector's, and treasure hunter's - to find Pandora's box. Fielding agrees to this not because of the adventure, which would be reason enough for me, but because he believes the men of Solomon's are responsible for his father's death and by accepting this task, he'll be able to finally uncover the truth. Esme Worthington is a self taught scholar whose passion in life is devouring any information regarding Pandora's box. Her father, before he passed away, knew her obsession with Pandora's box and gave her a necklace with a key on it. Little did she know it was the actual key to Pandora's box! After her parents passed away, Esme had lead a quiet life up until the night she was kidnapped by two of Raven's henchmen. After that fateful night, her life would never be the same again...

Vanessa's Review:
The Raven, like Fielding Grey, is also a treasure hunter, but unlike Fielding, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means kidnapping and murdering one of his own!

Fielding Grey finds Esme Worthington the night she is kidnapped, handcuffed to a wall wearing only a "flimsy nightdress" (I'm thinking it's a bit see-through since he cannot seem to stop looking at her!). Not only has he found Esme, but he has also found Pandora's box. When Esme realizes she has the Pandora's box in her hand, she can't help but take a peek inside. Boy, was that a mistake! The box contains four gold bangles inside and, of course, as luck - or lack there of - would have it, she gets the bangle for LUST. She only has until the next lunar eclipse to figure out how to take it off or she'll perish. Fielding and Esme go on a few adventures throughout the book trying to discover how to get the cursed bangle off, figure out who's to blame for Fielding's fathers death 14 years ago, find out who exactly is The Raven and how is he tied to Fielding, and of course they also need to figure out how to keep their hands off each other since Fielding is in no way 'in need of a wife'. Plus, there's also that nagging little question in the back of Esme's mind, "Does he want me because he's in love with me or does he lust after me because of the curse?"

I truly enjoyed this book :) It just hit the bookstore stands and I'm already itching to read the ones that will eventually follow (this is book 1 in 'The Legend Hunters' series). The storyline really caught my attention since I haven't read any books about treasure hunters lately. It wasn't confusing and didn't have crazy unimportant details that I've found in books recently. (You know those times where you read a book and there's a point where you think to yourself, "Alright! Enough already with the explanations and all the details! I get it! The tree is green!) well.. that didn't happen in this book (Yay!). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE details but lately it seems I've read certain books where it's sooooo detailed you forget what they're trying to detail! *phew* was a fast, entertaining, easy read. I definitely recommend this book! Oh...and the love scenes weren't raunchy, they were juuuuuust right!

♥ Vanessa

Isalys's Review:
Fielding Grey is an independent fortune hunter who makes his living from being employed by others who want to find treasure but do not want to get their hands dirty. One fateful day, he is approached by a member of Soloman's (whom he happens to hold responsible for his father's death) and they hire him to find the infamous Pandora's Box. He accepts this mission because A) he'll make some nice money and B) it might give him the opening he needs to investigate his father's death. What he doesn't expect is having to rescue the "damsel in distress" in the process. What he expects even less is to fall for her!

I have become a complete sucker for "bodice rippers" - just ask Vane :) and this was no exception! I breezed through this book. It was different from my usuals because it touched on a subject many others hadn't - magic! What if Pandora's Box was real and it fell into the wrong hands? What if we all fell prey to its powers? Esme was boldly flirtatious and Fielding was coy & aloof - the perfect role reversal for a Victorian couple! The LUST bangle she wore wasn't just a prop, but an excuse to exercise that muscle of hers that had gone unused (take that as you will ). In addition, Esme was educated and studious and had an immense love & appreciation for books which I'm sure we can all relate too. I enjoy these books so much because I love to see the evolution of these couples. What started off as a physical attraction based on the power of a little gold bracelet, grew into a love that neither could deny. C'mon guys, how could you resist this stuff?!

This book is not without twists, turns and action though. There are quite a few secrets from Feilding's family past that are revealed which throw him and us (the readers) for a loop. In addition, since the Raven is also after Pandora's Box, he will stop at nothing to get it - even if he means eliminating those who get in his way.

I give this book ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and recommend to fellow "bodice ripper" fans :)


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