Our New Book Club!

*Updated July 5, 2010*

Hi all!
We are re-introducing a couple of things this month: The Challenges that we host and The Book Club! For more info on our Challenges please click HERE.

We have asked the super cool, super funny, super fabulous Nely of All About {n} to host a Book Club with us and she said yes! Yayyy!

You can read Nely's post here :)

August Book Club Pick:
(Coming Soon)
Please head on over to our Book Club Page and help us choose! We'll be posting the main list on July 20th.

There will be ongoing bookish discussions throughout the month. This way it'll be easier and convenient for everyone to log on whenever they'd like.

We will be making a Tab for the Book Club so check back often to see updated information.


  1. A little birdie told me about your site, and suggested I go take a look. I'm so glad I did! And I'm very happy & honored that you chose my book for your club selection this month. I would love to drop when you discuss the book and answer any questions. Let me know how that works - you can email me at melanie@melaniebenjamin.com

    Hope everyone enjoys it, and thank you, Book Soulmates, for caring so much about books!

  2. oh, but I heart MELANIE BENJAMIN! & her book rocks too. haha Good choice Vane!


  3. OMG!! Melanie Benjamin! (I swear, authors are our bookish rock stars!)
    **Jumps up and down and does little twirls**
    I LOVED your book and CANNOT wait to read it again! We will definitely be emailing to see when you can stop by the blog! EEeek! How exciting :)

    Thank you sooooo much for stopping by!!!


  4. I love this idea! I've had this book on my reading list and now I can read it for this and the BookFlix challenge :)

    Where exactly will members be "meeting" to discuss the books?

    oodles of books.

  5. Hi Cindy! Love your enthusiasm - this is definitely a great book which I'm sure you'll love.

    We're still deciding on where to "meet up" for the actual discussion. I'm looking into free chat sites since we'd like it to be in "real time" instead of having to refresh a page. We'll definitely announce the specifics by Thursday!

    ♥ Vanessa ♥

  6. This is pretty cool, I'm going to go over to the page after typing up this comment. There aren't any book clubs in my area (sadly), but I've been dying to join one.


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