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Title: Tempted by a Warrior
Author: Amanda Scott
Published: July 1, 2010 by Forever
ISBN-10: 0446561320 |ISBN-13: 9780446561327
Pages: 400+ pgs, Mass Market Paperback

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Lady Fiona, wed in haste, has never known marital peace. When last she'd seen her cruel husband Will, he'd struck her - and she has no memory of what she did next - only that she woke later alone in her bedchamber. Will has gone missing, and Fiona fears that in her rage and terror she might somehow have killed him. When her husband's cousin Sir Richard comes to search for Will, Fiona is touched by his warm nature. A knight and warrior, Richard is drawn to Fiona's brave manner, quickly seeing in her an equal measure of inner courage. Confessing that she fears having killed Will, Fiona accepts Richard's offer to help her. Pursuing together the mystery of Will's disappearance, they fall in love. Meanwhile the English are reinforcing their garrison in the Scottish Borderlands, putting Fiona, Richard, and Scotland in peril....

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Isalys's Review:
A handsome and strong-willed stranger proves to be a second chance at love for a feisty, young woman who thought she threw hers away.

At 15 years old, Fiona thought she met the man of her dreams – the handsome and charming Will Jardine. She eloped with him and two years into her marriage she realized how truly vicious and abusive he was. During a violent argument one evening, he beats her until she blacks out. When she comes to, she finds herself in bed and her husband missing.

Two weeks later there is still no word of him and the locals are suspecting her of murdering him. During a time when women were entirely dependent on men, her ailing father-in-law sends for his nephew and bequeaths him as her trustee and the guardian of her unborn child. Having survived a cruel marriage and having a cantankerous old man for a father-in-law, she is non-too-pleased about having a stranger waltz into her home and ordering her and her staff about.

Richard, Laird of Kirkhill, doesn’t need the added responsibility, but he’s not really left with much of a choice when his uncle names him as head of his household. He’s a disciplined man who expects others to be equally disciplined and respectful. He knows he has his hands full with the young and feisty Fiona. While trying to organize his uncle’s household and establish some sort of income for the property, he’s also trying to discover what really happened to Will. He begins to hope that Will is dead when he starts developing feelings for Fiona and worse, when learns how cruel his cousin was. Fiona finds herself attracted to Richard and she wants to do well by him, but can she really trust him? She was already fooled by love once.

I really enjoyed getting to know the primary as well as the secondary characters in this novel. It was a bit heart-wrenching reading the scene in which Fiona was so badly beaten, but I admired her spirit and strength. She realized that she made a mistake and had paid dearly for it, but she was determined to rise above it. Richard is exactly what I imagine a proper laird to be like: strong, responsible yet fair and kind-hearted. He was not one to be trifled with, but he also knew that with so many people in his care, he needed to have compassion.

I initially expected this to be just another run of the mill love story, but Scott gives us so much more. This is a tale of intrigue, mystery, determination, love and even a bit of history. This story is set in 14th century Scotland during a time of political upheaval and border conflicts between Scotland and England. While trying to solve the mystery of Will’s disappearance and falling in love with Richard and Fiona, we’re also learning about what a tumultuous time this was in Scotland’s past.

The language was a bit difficult to follow because of the accent and dialect used in that time. However, I think this only enhanced the reading experience by transporting us to a time and place so different from my own. Scott did an excellent job in her research of middle-ages Scotland.

This is the third and final book in the “Dunwythie Series”, but it does very well on its own. I recommend Amanda Scott’s novels for those who enjoy complex yet sweet love stories.

RATING: 4 - Good
HEAT LEVEL: 2 - Mild


July 14 - July 21
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