Isalys's Sexy Lord Is...

Gena Showalter asks us, "Which sexy Lord of the Underworld is best suited for you?"

My man is:


Results: You are practical, reasonable and (mostly) fair – three characteristics you also find appealing in your mate. While you are oftentimes accused of being a little too serious, you aren’t afraid to stop and enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. When your duties are done, that is – and when you get your special someone into bed! And no one finds those same qualities more attractive than the ever-practical (and super-gorgeous) Aeron, Keeper of Wrath. Beneath his gruff, no-nonsense exterior, he does have a dark side, but he’ll never hurt you. He’ll do everything in his power to protect you. His sense of duty and honor combined with his formidable strength and piercing eyes make him the ideal Lord for you.

Now, after having read Gideon's book..he's become my favorite!! I am sooo giddy for Gideon. Electric blue hair, piercing blue eyes, tattoos, piercings and extreme sarcasm - THAT is my fantasy man!! It probably helps that my favorite color is blue too {just ask Vanessa, lol}.

However, if the quiz says that my perfect Lord is Aeron...well, who am I to argue with science, right?!

Click [here] and take the quiz to find out which Lord is perfect for you.

Don't forget to come back and tell us who your sexy man is ;o)


  1. Strider was chosen for me.

    "As a charming, fun-loving and confident woman, you tend to be attracted to men who share your zest for life and aren’t afraid to be bold and adventurous. But mostly, you can’t help but be turned on by someone who has a charismatic sense of humor coupled with a tantalizing smile and a complete lack of fear! And really, who can blame you? Undoubtedly, your Lord of choice is the super-sexy and very outgoing Strider, Keeper of Defeat. More than capable of fulfilling your every need (and I mean every), this mouthwatering Lord will keep you laughing and entertained at all times. As long as you don’t beat him at, well, anything! Though his curse may cause him to be overly competitive on occasion, there’s no doubt that this sexy Lord is your best match, for you’ll bring out the best in each other! "


  2. you girls make me giggle *sigh but yeh blue hair rocks!!

  3. @Juju & Busy Mom: Blue hair is totally sexy :)~ I don't know if mom would have been too cool about me showing up with a blue-haired, pierced, tatted up warrior though! LOL

    @Lori: Strider is funny and of course he's hott - aren't they all? His book is due out sometime next year! I'm excited to get to know him a bit better.

    @Estella: Ooh, Amun is the dark, quiet one...he's Keeper of Secrets. His book is next. It should be interesting...I have no idea who his leading lady is. Is it you Estella? *wink* LOL


  4. How can anyone pick just one man... Let along a man from The Lords of Underworld series? That's like having just one bite of an ice cream sandwich and giving the rest to your bratty younger brother. I do say you have made an excellent choice though, Isalys. ;)


  5. That was fun! Amun is my Lord :) I can't wait for his book to come out...I have a feeling he will end up being my favorite


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