Bloggiesta Finish Line!

WOW!! I have had such a BLAST meeting new bloggers, making new friends, and working on the blog. I haven't felt this accomplished {regarding the blog} in quite some time. Maw Books is AWESOME for hosting this wonderful event as well as all the other cool bloggers that took the time to host the mini-challenges. I have learned so much this past weekend... I'm not just talking about "How to spruce up your blog" or "How to add that dang RSS button" ... No, no ... I've learned that there are AMAZING bloggers out there that don't worry about "competition" and who genuinely want to help you improve your blog. Let's face it, I know some of us have come across some "Not so nice" people that feel they shouldn't help you or answer your blog related questions for whatever reason {I know I've ran into a few.... Grrrrr} so it warms my heart to see this wonderful community of awesome book bloggers come together to help one another. I'm touched to see how caring some people can be. Ok, ok... enough mushy gushy stuff ... don't want anyone throwing up:)

Before I list my accomplishments, I'd like to give a "Shout out" to a few of my new Book Blogging Buddies {NOTE:I have visited over 200 blogs this past weekend and have made a lot of friends so I can't write EVERYONE'S name ... but please know that I am happy to have met EVERYONE and hope we can all be blogging buddies!}

• Carin B. - A Little Bookish {SUPER sweet and cool chick}
• Natasha - Maw Books {Bloggiesta Hostest with the mostest!}
• Jennifer - Crazy Book Blog {Also, host of the Blog Hop & FUNNY as ....!}
• Jen - Teach Mentor Texts {aka JenTMT - maybe, lol, she knows what I mean!}
The Book Vixen {Very helpful and kind :)}
• Sarah - My World of Books { Fellow spanish music lover!}
• Miel Abeille - Miel et Lait {For being a great Cheerleader!}

Now ... on to my accomplishments {and the rest I couldn't get to...}

• Organized my Goodreads Shelves
• Networked {I found hundreds of other blogs and left comments on at least 200 of them! Woot woot!}
• Write a post for my own YA Challenge {Im challenging myself, but anyone can join me!}
• Create templates for future posts {Soooo helpful!}
• Add Gadget for FTC guideines {Very important}
• Organize Google Reader {This took quite some time! lol}
• Read posts on Google Reader {This took even longer!! HOURS! Note to self: READ posts a couple of times a week}
• Write a business plan for the blog {Very helpful. Helps you understand yourself and your vision for your blog}
• Join mini-challenges {I joined: Embracing the community by Bonjour Cass; Be Brave by Mother Reader; It's not Cheating by There's a Book}
• Created post for fellow blogger Carin B. of A Little Bookish
• Created post for "rainy days"
• Cleaned up Tags

Things left to be done this week:
• Write Reviews {I couldn't get to these :( }
• Write post for our "Great Idea"
• Work on Book Club
• Work on re-vamping our Challenges

Total hours logged: 23 hours! Holy s**t Batman!
Even though I didn't accomplish all of my goals, I am still very proud of myself and very proud of everything I DID accomplish. You don't realize how much needs to be done until you write it all out, sit in front of your computer, and have at it. Unfortunately, bloggiesta is almost over ... that doesn't mean I'll stop listening to my spanish music and won't have any Margaritas!! Ok, ok ... so I won't listen to "La Cucaracha" ... I'll still be having the drinks though!

Hope everyone had a blast! I know I sure did!!


  1. Wasn't Bloggiesta great?! It was my first time participating and I will definitely participate again!
    You got a lot accomplished, congrats!

  2. You got a ton done!!!! AND, you almost pulled an all-nighter!!!!! :) Hopefully you got to sleep a little bit...gone are my days to be able to stay up that late and function the next! I did change my Twitter thanks to you! Glad to have found you, you crack me up. (FYI-the few times I have been to your blog I haven't been able to see anything under the "followers" box, nothing pops up for me...not sure if it's me or you, but wanted to let you know.) Congrats on all you accomplished!

  3. Great job!! I enjoyed chatting with you, too! I never knew I was funny as S***! LOL!!!

    What is an FTC widget? I just have a thing of text on my blog in the sidebar - is it something different than that?

    Also, tell me more about this business plan you wrote!

    And, how did you make out with Google Reader?!? Did you actually visit every single blog and move them into folders?! You are brave - do mine, please?! ;)

  4. P.S. I grabbed your button! :) Glad to have made a new friend during Bloggiesta! :)

    Hugs and Happy Blogging,
    Crazy Jen

  5. Did I mention that Elvis Crespo is now following me! LOL. And This weekend was so much fun! Yeah and same here I can't see your followers!

    You got some much done! Jealous. I am going to try to get more stuff done over the week.

    I am going to work on my Google Reader now! TTYL

    -Sarah (My World of Books)

  6. Shout Out!!! Hollaaaaa! Thanks for the shout out and for helping me with my Google Doc. I really appreciate it!

    I also wrote up a business plan for myself--well really just goals and thought about what it is that motivated me to blog. It is helpful to write that up.

    I hope you get to your reviews and start feeling more confident about your skills. I'm not very good at them either, but I'm learning and getting better (or at least I like to think I am).

  7. Aw, wonderful job! I was amazed with my 21 hrs but you even topped that ;)

    Isn't it great what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment we've all got from our weekend?!

  8. Awesome work! The book blogging community is awesome!


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