International Bloggers! Listen Up! (US bloggers Welcome too!)

Hello my lovelies!

As you may already know, I participated in Bloggiesta (Hosted by Maw Books) this weekend. What an AWESOME event! A lot of positive things came out of this (I'll get into that in my last update for Bloggiesta) but one of the main things that I LOVED about this whole experience was meeting all of the wonderful, helpful, FUN bloggers out there! In meeting these fabulous bloggers I found this super cool INTERNATIONAL (U.S. Participants are welcome too) event hosted by the SUPER sweet Carin B. of A Little Bookish.

Here's the info:
{Remember, go to her site to sign up!}

The Book Read 'Round the World

Hello all you international book bloggers out there! Lately I've been wanting to connect with more international book bloggers because I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of their blogs. So, I thought I'd try to connect with some by organizing an event!

I would like to send a book around the world and have people report back to it by doing guest posts on my blog (and post on their blog about the experience as well). Depending on interest, I am not opposed to sending more than one book out and having two groups (Book A and Book B...etc.).

This is roughly how it will work:
• I will purchase two brand new, shiny paperback books that we choose as a group
• I'll read the book within 1-2 weeks (no War and Peace length books of course) and send it on to the next person on my randomized list
• The package sent must include: the book -AND- a local treat of some sort that cannot be found anywhere else (it can be something as simple and cheap as a postcard or bookmark, or could also be more expensive like a book by a local author or something like that)
• Before you send the book onto the next person, you must sign the inside cover with the name of your City/Province(State)/Country
• Write two facts on a piece of paper about your City/Province(State)/Country to send in the package as well

So you are interested in joining?!!
• To participate you must be willing to pay international postage to send the package onto the next person
• Commit yourself to finishing the book within a reasonable period of time (no longer than 1-2 weeks).
• Review the book on your blog and write up a post about the experience for my blog (you can also post the experience on your blog). Don't worry, it will be a short post (What you received in the package including the facts the previous reader sent you, a short summary of your thoughts on the book, and where the book is headed next)
Because it takes time to read a book and then have it mailed to another country, the group will have to be small so if there is a lot of interest I may have multiple groups (with the option for a different book).

This event is also open on a limited basis to U.S. book bloggers, but the goal is to get bloggers from all over the world to participate so only a few U.S. bloggers will be chosen. If you are interested in joining or helping in any way, please comment on this post, or send me an e-mail at carin.buffington[at]gmail[dot]com.

Please also leave a comment on what book(s) you think would be good for this event. I am throwing in the idea of The Ridiculous Race by Steve Hely and Valy Chandrasekaran but am open to other books!




  1. Wow!!! That is such a neat thing to do!!! I mean I have way too many books to read and catch up on, and since I am a US blogger, I probably won't sign up, but I think its a great idea!!!

  2. I second that, it does sound like a neat thing to do!

  3. Yoo Hoo, there is an award for you at my blog.

  4. Hey, count me into this. I manage 'My Reading List' and would love to get into this. I'm reading 'The Traveler' by John Twelve Hawks atm, and it's going well too!

    So, yep, I'll be in one this one. When you're ready to launch it, leave a comment on my recent post and I'll be in contact. :D


  5. Hi! Thanks so much for writing a post up about my event! I really appreciate it! You know, I visited your site the other day when you posted it and got distracted before I could sorry!

    I got contacted by an author who offered to send an autographed copy of his book as a giveaway for the event as well so when that gets finalized I'll announce that one person who participates in the event will receive the book! It looks like a good one too!

    Thanks again for pimping my event! LOL! You guys are so awesome!

  6. It's funny, I was thinking of doing something like this. Even if it was just US it would be fun to have a book filled with names and comments and for people to get a little something from some other area of the country.


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