US vs. UK (Round 4)

Welcome back to US vs. UK - Round 4

Wings (Book # 1)

Spells (Book # 2)

US vs. UK

US may be leading the pack, but I'm giving my vote to the UK on this one for both covers. I love the contrast of colors and the sweet, whimsical designs. The UK cover for Wings is a bit bubblegum, but I still really like it because of it's more playful style. I especially like the UK cover for Spells because of the colors. I really like how the red-orange flower gives warmth to the mist-green background. And I like the font. UK for me!

Wings: I really like the US cover for this one. I love the solitary pair of wings floating in the water. It just seems beautiful and serene to me. The UK cover is cute and whimsical though.
Spells: I really like the UK cover for this one. I'm not crazy about the flower itself, but I DO love the colors and the "scratchy" effect of it. I also like that it has sparkles, lol, and I really like the font as well! Btw, did anyone else notice that on both UK covers Stephenie Meyers thinks "A remarkable debut" for both? :)

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  1. I gotta go with the UK covers on this one :-)

  2. LOVE the UK covers! :)

  3. Im for the UK covers for both! I think that they tie in together better than the US versions and keep the common theme. I have actually just finished both of these books.

  4. I'm going with US for both on this one. The UK ones are a little too bubble gum for my taste. I like the realistic look of the US ones.

  5. I love the US cover of Wings. The UK one is pretty, but a bit too bubble gum for my tastes.

    Spells, however, I prefer the UK cover.


  6. I prefer the UK covers... which is funny, because I'm usually thinking that the US gets better covers than us! :)

  7. Score so far:
    Wings UK Cover: 6 points / US Cover: 2 points;

    Spells UK Cover: 7 points / US 1 Point!

    UK is winning!

    ♥ Vanessa ♥

  8. Gotta put my vote in for both UK Covers I really like those better.

  9. I like the US cover for Wings and the UK for Spells. It's interesting how different countries put different covers on the same books. I wonder if authors get a say in that...

  10. I like the UK for both covers.

  11. Gotta go with the lovely simplicity of the US covers. I had "Wings" for awhile before I realized that the wings were actually 2 flower petals.

  12. I love the UK covers. Sooo pretty!

  13. UK covers definitely. I'm so jealous of those covers!

    - Amanda


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