"Vlogulous" Friday 6.18.10

It's our favorite day of the week again!!

And since it is Friday again, that means it's time for Book Blogger Hop. This meme is hosted by Jennifer of Crazy-for-Books every Friday. She created it to give bloggers and readers a chance to network, support each other and find new blogs to read & enjoy.

So without further ado, here is this week's vlog :)


Books We Received
Still The One by Robin Wells (via mail from HBG)
Barely A Lady by Eileen Dreyer (via mail from HBG)
Tempted by a Warrior by Amanda Scott (via mail from HBG)
The Eternal Ones {new cover} (via mail from Razorbill)

Books We Purchased
Tempting the Marquess by Sara Lindsey
Blood Song {Bloodsinger #1} by Cat Adams
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
Dark Secrets by Elizabeth Chandler

Books We've Read
Isalys Read:
To Surrender To A Rogue by Cara Elliott
My Soul To Keep {Soul Screamers #3} by Rachel Vincent

Isalys is Reading:
Tempting the Marquess by Sara Lindsey
*And whatever you guys decide next!*

Vanessa Read:
Desire Me by Robyn DeHart
Boy Crazy by Hailey Abbott

Vanessa is Reading:
Evermore by Alyson Noel
*And whatever you guys decide next!*

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Have a FABULOUS weekend!!


  1. "Months and months & last year ago!"
    Too cute. haha! Love you guys.
    I think you should read, The reckoning orrr Incarceron!

  2. Great Vlog ladies! Here is my pics for the books that you should read next:

    Isalys: You should read The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong! I read both The Summoning and The Awakening and I LOVED them! These are my recommendations for you. This series I give a 5 STAR rating!!

    Vanessa: You should read The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. This story will have you feeling many emotions. I give this a 5 STAR rating!!!

    There you go!! Have a happy and fun-filled weekend! (and do not forget to read...) Take care!!
    :) :) ;) ;)

    --Andrew G. (Grand Rapids, MI)

  3. Loving the Vlog!!! Im still watching... but I wanted to give you a tip... I LOVE Rachel Vincent! and I actually got the eARC from NetGalley for the 3rd book! Im hoping it happens again for the next =)))

  4. ok done with the vlog LOl very cool!

    Im also worried about Nash!!! argh!

    I vote on The Reckoning! I LOVE Kelley Armstrong and that was such an amazing book!!! totally recommend it!

    Have a great week guys! =)

  5. Nice vlog girls. I think you should read Invisible Girl by Mary Hanlon Stone. Thanks for stopping by to visit today. Have a good weekend!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I couldn't watch your video b/c my internet is super slow tonight but your blog looks really cute. I'll be a new follower in a second.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I couldn't watch your video b/c my internet is super slow tonight but your blog looks really cute. I'll be a new follower in a second.

  8. Just hopping by! Great vlog!! You have some interesting books this week. I'm looking forward to your reviews...

  9. Hey! Just hopped by and thought I'd stop and wish you a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think the hop is a marvelous way to meet bloggers both old and new.

    Oh, and I vote for the Time Travelers Wife. This book was fabulous. I read it about 3 or 4 years ago and recommended it to everyone. In fact, I've been planning to reread it something I seldom do as I have sooo many unreads on my shelf now.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  10. Found you through the hop and I think it's great that you Vlog too!


  11. Awesome vlog!!! I want to pass on a Versatile Blogger Award to you guys! Stop by http://Book-Savvy.blogspot.com to grab it.

  12. Great vlog! I really really need to read Evermore too. It just keeps sitting neglected on my shelf. For like a year and a half! I think I'm going to put myself on a book ban until I catch up on reading what I already have.
    I have Incarceron sitting here to read so I vote you read that one Isalys.
    And Vanessa my kids were fighting and I missed whichever books you were deciding on, so sorry, can't help you!
    Looks like you've had a great book week!

  13. I gave myself a summer challenge just to clear a few books off the shelves. I bought or won them - I really wanted them so why haven't I read them??? One down, many more to go.
    I added your button to my sidebar :)


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