Blog Soulmate: Mission To Read

Every week, we'll announce a new recipient for our BLOG SOULMATE AWARD! This is our way of helping spread the word about these awesome bloggers we love!

Our BLOG SOULMATE Award for this week goes to:

Rie at Mission To Read

  1. What made you decide to start blogging?
    When I was 3 the thing I wanted most was the ability to read. My sister and mom would read all the time and then they would have these lengthy discussions about books and I felt so left out.

    Fast forward a few years I was diagnosed with dyslexia and reading was a struggle, but I was still completely dedicated to learning so I could read with my sister.

    Once I could read me and my sister would steal each others books, fight about characters, and fall in love with the same guy. This process made reading a social activity from a very early age and then I got married and moved hours away from my family.

    Blogging allows reading to continue to be a social activity with a much broader base and have so many more people to agree and disagree with.

  2. Favorite and least favorite things about blogging?
    My favorite thing about blogging would have to be the community. Comments mean more to me than any statistic and chatting on twitter is my favorite pastime. I love stalking my favorite book bloggers and authors.

    My least favorite thing about blogging is the drama. I am petrified of confrontation and drama makes me stressed out. There seems to be more drama lately and I detest it.

  3. If you could hang out with ONE author, who would it be and why?
    Brodi Ashton! Seriously after I finished reading Everneath I totally fangirled e-mailed her and her reply was the sweetest thing. I love talking to her on twitter and I am SO going to her signing next month. Love her!

  4. What is the ONE book you tell everyone they 'have to' read?
    I have two books that I push relentlessly. Everneath by Brodi Ashton and the Changeling series by Dani Harper! I love both of these authors outside of their writing, but their writing is so good that I fell completely for them.

    The Changeling series is the only werewolf series I have read and it's also my favorite adult series.

    Everneath meant so much more to me than just the story of Hades and Peresphone. To me it was about addiction, depression, and the power of love.

  5. Do you have any bookish guilty pleasures?
    Historical romances! I've been reading historical romances since I was in grade school and they still the book I want to read after a long day.

    I'm a history fanatic and can't get enough of books set in the yesteryear. I don't get a chance to read as much of them anymore since I don't really read books I can't review for Mission to Read. I miss them a ton!

Now tell us 5 random, non-bookish things about yourself:

  •  I watch political news for fun.
  • I am full-heartedly undyingly in love with ketchup.
  • I am horrible at math and yet I compulsively add things together such as phone numbers.
  • Although I hate confrontation, I love a good debate. So true to my Libra self!
  • I'm a pinterest, etsy, and threadless addict.All places I can find nerdy clothes. I spend way too many hours looking for literary, history, and technology based nerd wear.
Thank you so much Rie for being our BLOG SOULMATE this week :) Now everyone, stop by her page and show her a little bloggy love :)


  1. I love Rei! I haven't tried the Changling series---I probably need to correct that!

  2. What a great post. I am actually doing something kind of like this, but not weekly. I just interviewed one blogger friend as a guest post type thing. I think the weekly event is awesome. Loved all of Rei's answers. I just finished Everneath actually and I loved it. :)

  3. Great interview! I will have to check out Threadless-I have never been! Also I am intrigued by The Changling Series..Need to check that out!

  4. Fun! :) Yay for learning more abuot Rie! I love the story about wanting to read along with your mom & sister!! :)

    It makes me verra happy that you started blogging, so we can be friends!! :D

  5. Haha I love this post! I've been following Rie for quite a while now (:

    I think I can make someone a bit jealous by saying that I'm having an interview with Brodi Ashton on my blog this month... ^^

  6. Great post!! It's fun getting to know Rie a little better. :) I think she's a great, knowledgeable blogger. And, I too love good. hehe

  7. Nice to meet you! I'm so with you. Comments mean way more to me too.

  8. Literary based nerd wear? That's enough to make me check out Rie's blog! :)

  9. What a great feature! :) I'll be keeping an eye open for them.

  10. I needed to add this: I'm a Libra too and totally understand. ;)

    And I love surfing pinterest and etsy!

  11. YEAH another great blogger to follow!! This is a great idea, I love getting to know new great bloggers and readers a like! Thanks for sharing and hosting this Mission to Read :)

  12. Loved reading more about Rie. I started following her recently and I gotta say she's pretty much the bees knees. On a side note, I recently discovered Threadless and I love it. My wallet not so much. ;-)

  13. Love this post! This is a great way to get blogs out there! I'm a new follower of Rie now.


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