Blog Soulmate: Stitch-Read-Cook

Every week, we'll announce a new recipient for our BLOG SOULMATE AWARD! This is our way of helping spread the word about these awesome bloggers we love!

Our BLOG SOULMATE Award for this week goes to:

  1. What made you decide to start blogging?
    It all started with knitting patterns. I was on the hunt for a certain pattern and I stumbled onto some great craft blogs. The more I looked the more I thought - Hey! I could do that too!

    When I initially started the blog it was definitely more craft oriented. My BFF (Chrystal @ Snowdrop Dreams of Books) suggested I add books and reviews to the crafts, recipes and other DIY stuff I was already posting.

  2. Favorite and least favorite things about blogging
    Favorite: "Meeting" all the amazing bloggers and authors that are out there. The whole blog world is so vast and diverse it's just amazing.

    Least Favorite: Drama, I've noticed there is a lot of it out there and I avoid it at all costs!

  3. If you could hang out with ONE author, who would it be and why?
    Bertrice Small - she's the author of over 50 fabulous historical romance, fantasy and contemporary novels. She was the author of one of the first historicals I ever read and she got me hooked on the genre.

  4. What is the ONE book you tell everyone they 'have to' read?
    It's so hard to narrow it down to just one book as there are so many amazing books out there right now!

    If I had to recommend one book it would be "When Harry Met Molly" by Kieran Kramer. It's a fun, hilarious historical, the first in a series about 4 bachelors who meet their matches.

  5. Do you have any bookish guilty pleasures?
    I'd have to say action adventure novels. They are so much fun to read - a mix of mystery, history and great characters. I love books by Clive Cussler (Sahara, Inca Gold), Andy McDermott (Hunt for Atlantis), Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code), Matthew Reilly (Seven Deadly Wonders), and Boyd Morrison (The Ark).

Now tell us 5 random, non-bookish things about yourself:
  • The bed has to be made before I can sleep.. drives my hubby crazy.
  • I am soooo not a morning person.
  • I have a HUGE yarn and fabric collection.
  • I'm a sci-fi geek - Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars..
  • Love going to garage sales and finding good deals!
Thank you Aislynn for being our BLOG SOULMATE this week :)
Stop by her blog and check out her very cool feature called, "A Day in the Life of..." where she has some of our authors recap their daily lives for us. She also has challenges, giveaways and great reviews.


  1. Thank you so much for the awesome award!! You ladies are the best!

  2. I'm a garage/estate sale junkie too! :)

  3. Fun interview! This person sounds like someone I would want to live next door to me. We have a lot in common!

  4. I NEVER had any blog drama until recently... So I totally know what you mean!!!

  5. Thanks for the intro ladies.

    Aislynn - I'm soooo not a morning person either. I had to carpool with my boyfriend for about a week and he was hating life. *shrug* I warned him. ;-)

  6. Oh Aislynn congrats on the award and great interview! :) (Thanks for the shout out)

  7. Congrats on the award!! =D This is an awesomely AWESOME feature!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  8. I am loving the concept of the blog. I sometimes feel like introducing scrapbooking on my blog, but I never have time to do it anymore!


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