TGIF: Reading Resolutions

Reading Resolutions:
What are some of your reading goals for the new year?
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Wow! What a GREAT question! We definitely have quite a few bookish goals this year. Especially since we’ve been on a bloggy hiatus for the past few months. We’ve missed you guys and we’ve missed reading and blogging and everything that comes along with it. We’ve realized that this is our little get away from ‘the real world’ and it brings us much joy and happiness so why stop? It’s so easy to drop a hobby when life gets crazy but then what we don’t realize is that’s when we need our happy hobbies the most! Anyhoo, now on to our bookish goals. You’ll notice that Isalys and I pretty much have the same goals so this may be a bit redundant lol.


Vanessa’s bloggy goals are:
Read more! Although I’ve set my goal to only 30 books this year. I’d actually like to surprise myself by surpassing that goal!
• Review more! Let’s face it. Reviewing is not my strong suit but lately, for some reason, I’m feeling more confident and am finding ‘my voice’.
Update my bloggy ‘things’. This year, I’d like to keep my RSS feed reader, my email, and everything that goes along with blogging in order. FYI, I have over 7,550 emails to go through. Wish me luck!
Be creative! I’d like to come up with fun and exciting posts to do for the blog. Isa and I have a few ideas so we hope you guys enjoy them!
Read from MY books! I have A TON of books that I’ve bought or have been given just sitting on the shelves waiting to be read. I’d like to tackle some of those books this year. It would save me a lot of money too!
Read books that are out of my comfort zone [this is feature we’ll be doing btw so stay tuned!] I tend to steer clear of books that just don’t catch my attention or are genres that don’t really peak my interest. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m losing out by not ‘expanding my horizon’ so to speak. I’m challenging myself to read at least one book a month that I normally wouldn’t go for.

Well, that pretty much about sums it up for me! Wish me luck :P


Isalys’ bloggy goals are:

To read 90 books this year! I reached my goal of 80 books last year, but just barely. This year I want to push myself to reach 90 and maybe even 100 ;)
Review more! I used to loveee writing my reviews and I was proud of them.  Sadly, that was one of the things I sacrificed when I took a blogging hiatus. I want to start reviewing again for myself, for you guys and maybe for The Season again (I miss those girls!)
Read more Dystopian & Zombie books in preparation for 12/21/12. This could be our last year folks...what better way to prep for the "end times" than by reading more dystopian & zombie books? LOL
Definitely blog more! Just in general.  As Vanessa mentioned above, we have some fun new ideas that we're excited to launch this year. I fully accept that I'm not the creative one of this duo, but I'm still crazy excited to help get Book Soulmates back on the map!
Join a challenge or two and actually complete them. I'm not one for challenges, usually because I'm wayyyy too moody a reader to be forced into any sort of reading schedule.  However, there are a lot of really cool challenges out there that are flexible enough for me to participate in.  I think this year, I'll give 'em a go!
Read books written by my indie-author tweeps!  I've become buds with some pretty awesome writers on Twitter yet I haven't read any of their books.  I want to change that this year :)

Wish me luck too! :P

Well folks, that pretty much about sums it up for us. If you’ve written your bloggy goals and would like to share them with us, please feel free to comment below and leave your link!



  1. good luck ladies, you can do it!!!

  2. YES! Dystopian and Zombie books! Those are some of my goals too. *swoon*

    Vane - so happy you are finding your voice! ♥

  3. good luck to you both!!!! i hope to read at least 50 books and also complete a challenge or two :)

    have a good weekend!


  4. ha this is adorable! good luck xoxo

    C |

  5. Good luck with your goals. I know you can do it!! I am doing 3 challenges, and have a goal of 125 books this year. Eeeep! I think I am crazy. Lol!

  6. I have complete faith that you ladies will do an amazing job with your resolutions. =)


    We can all support each other in the "widdle down the TBR" shelves :)


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