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Our BLOG SOULMATE Award for this week goes to:

Andrea from . . .
The Bookish Babes
Blogging since March 2011
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  1. What made you decide to start blogging?
    I love to read (obviously) and wanted to talk about my latest discovery. No one in my "real life" loves to read or talk about books as much as I do. So I started reading blogs. So many of the bloggers write with so much passion and had fun with it. I wanted that sort of experience for myself. My sister-in-law was my blogmate, so we set it up. The name of our blog was never intended to stick, it was just a test, but we couldn't figure out how to change it! She quit after a few months, so now it's just me.

  2. Favorite and least favorite things about blogging?
    Favorite - I have to go with two answers: 1) The amazing books that have come my way. Books I would have never found without blogging. 2) Fellow bloggers, I have formed some of the best friendships of my life through blogging.

    Least Favorite- Being overwhelmed. There are so many books I want to read and so many I'm asked to read. It's my fault, I take on too much and have the hardest time saying no.

  3. If you could hang out with ONE author, who would it be and why?
    My first instinct is to say Jeri Smith-Ready. She seems so cool and fun. I would talk music and Shade boys with her, then beg like a little baby for spoilers from her upcoming book, Lust for Life.

    But...I would love to hang out w/my awesome friend, author Matt Merrick. I would take him a ton of cereal, maybe Cap'n Crunch for him and Grape Nuts for me. We would wear our awesomepants, eat cereal out of salad bowls and talk about trout-slapping and cyber glares. It would be ridiculous and epic, for sure.  {If you guys ever arrange this, I'm coming with...just so you know. ~Isalys}

  4. What is the ONE book you tell everyone they 'have to' read?
    That is an evil question! The one book I've hounded all of my friends about is WICKED GAME by Jeri Smith-Ready. Seriously, it has it's own level of cool.

  5. Do you have any bookish guilty pleasures?
    Historical romances. I used to read them avidly, but my tastes changed. I'm interning for a publisher reading manuscripts and they sent me a historical romance. Oh. My. Gosh. I forgot how hot those are! So much fun.

Now tell us 5 random, non-bookish things about yourself:
  •   I'm terrified of putting my feet under beds. I'm afraid something will bite them off. 
  • I've always been terrified of a snake getting in the house. Everyone told me that wasn't rational, until the day one came slithering out of my closet! Major f 'ing freak out. 
  • Sometimes I tweet from the shower. If I'm in the middle of a conversation, and the water is running, I just keep on typing. 
  • My favorite show, maybe ever, is LOST. I watched all the episodes, own the DVDs, and listened to the producers' podcasts every week. Nerdy? Yes, but it was the only way to know WTF was going on. 
  • All the clothes in my closet must face the same direction. (this is boring and lame)
      This chick oozes awesomesauce and is one of our #WangTacoThursday favorites ;)  Oh and she lives near Isalys's in-laws.  So Andrea, the next time Isalys is in Arkansas, she's tracking your ass down!


    1. Thanks for featuring me in all my dorky glory!
      We will for sure get together next time you're here!

    2. Okay, I think the way the clothes facing in the closet is both OCD, and hilarious.

      Don't put your feed under the bed, there really is something there, and it will do more than just bite them off.

      Oh, and awesomepants, salad bowls full of cereal, PLUS, bad ass southern blogger? This must happen!

      1. Right?! How freaking awesome would that be?! Someday , Matty. Someday.

    3. Love this!! OMG I so want to hang out with all of you if you really did hang out with Matt. That would be epic for sure. I am the same way about my clothes in the closet. Drives me nuts if something is facing the wrong direction. And Isalys is totes right, you do ooze awesome!!

    4. @Andrea & Amy:
      My husband hangs his shit inside out, backwards, upside down...he don't curr! Me? I have wayyy to much OCD for that. My clothes all have to face the same direction and are arranged in order by length of sleeve (sleeveless to full-sleeve and dresses at the end). So girls, don't worry - you're not alone!

      ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

    5. Great interview! I follow Andrea on Twitter & her blog and she is awesomesauce!! I always wondered about who the other "babe" was on her blog (lol!). It would be EPIC to hang out with Matt. He seriously rocks.

    6. Lol! You are so awesome Isa!! Ughh I hate the inside out thing. My hubs takes his clothes off and leaves them inside out and it's irritating when I go to wash them and fold them.

    7. I love this interview! And I love Andrea! And Isa! And Matt! Wow, can I come to the party too if you guys ever get together? We'll rock the #WangTaco for sure!

      The snake fear I totally get! I'm petrified of those nasty things. We have a lot of them around our house. UGH!

      1. Kendall! As soon as I turned this in., I was like, "I forgot to mention Kendall!! We could have a #WangTacoConvention. After which, I'm sure would come jail time. You're awesome!

    8. Yay!!!! I LOVE Andrea!!!! And I LOVE my Matty!!! Perfect choice!!!

    9. Haha. That's it, you ladies are WAY too awesome. I need to do a US tour just to visit you all. Or you can all come to Canada and I can show Canadian grass or something. I'm sure it's different. Greener or something.

      1. Or your bacon, which basically is HAM, right ?
        Or Canadian Mist whiskey. ;-)

    10. Cute, Andrea! I didn't know you were interning for a publisher. How do you have time for that? LOL.

      You tweet from the shower. Now, I've yet to hear of anyone admitting to that. That's dedication.

      1. Cathy! I DON'T have time. I'm a glutton for punishment.

        I do have serious dedication to twitter. Great conversations don't wait.

    11. Awesome interview. Sometimes it takes me an extra thirty min to get into the shower because I'm in the middle of a twitter convo. I never thought of doing both. Genius!

      1. Ciindy! It took a while of running out of hot water before that lightbulb went off. You're welcome!

    12. That's right, there was another babe! lol
      I used to be the same with my clothes, now I don't really care, no idea why that changed, hmmm.

      Yay Andrea <3 you and your blog, forever & ever ;) (Okay, that was kinda cheesy but on the internet, everything is fair game haha).

      Oooooh and I can't believe you tweet from the shower!!! hahaha

      1. Ana! I heart you forever and ever, too! Your one of my longest twitter friends!

        About the shower? I'm a bit of a multi-tasker.


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