The Walking Dead: Thanks for the tears!

My Sunday night ended in tears (literally) and I blame the giant Z-Bomb that AMC dropped on us!  Holy. Shite. Dude!  I was sad and disappointed with the way the Sofia mystery ended but this?  Oh, I was NOT prepared for this!

I'm getting ahead of myself though.
Here are a few of "Isa's Thoughts" on the other things that happened last night:
  • I'm glad that Rick and Shane had "the talk" or what my boss would call a "come to Jesus meeting".  My only qualm is that I didn't think Shane actually wanted Rick to meet Jesus already but then again, I knew that Shane was a loose cannon so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.  He's still a trigger-happy mofo though!

  • Andrea is so the chick-version of Shane!  I respect that she's so blunt and straight-forward but sometimes she seems a bit insensitive to me.  To be honest, I'm not entirely sure whose team I'm on in the Lori vs. Andrea debate.  They both have good points but I guess I'm leaning toward Lori's camp only because I do not and would never encourage suicide.  If I were in her shoes, I would have taken the knife away too!  Andrea is too "she'll do what she wants anyway" which would be fine by me if we were discussing tattoos and not death.

  • Randall: To let live or not to let live?  That is the question and this gal does NOT know the answer.  Is the kid a threat?  Of course, he is.  Everything is a threat!  But what if he's telling the truth?  What if he really is just a kid who fell in with the only crowd he could find and they left him for dead?  An execution for a crime that hasn't been committed is a pretty big deal!

    What I really didn't like was the torture-technique they used on the kid.  I know that's one way to get people to talk but I don't think they needed to go that far with it.  He was still a person, not a punching bag!

  • On a positive note, it was so awesome to see Herschel give Glenn his family pocket-watch.  My fave line of the night might be, "No man is ever good enough for your daughter, until one is." Go get your woman, Glenn!

  • The biggie: Dale vs. The Group
    Rick & Shane's opinion is to eliminate the threat!
    Dale's opinion is Randall is just a boy who hasn't committed a crime (yet).  Where is their humanity?

    Dale is clearly the most idealistic member of the group, but I truly believe that a group like theirs needs that just like they need the jaded guy, the practical guy, the tough guy, etc. His optimism was part of what kept the group grounded!  They live in a world full of "animals", why become one of them too?

    I actually appreciated that he wanted to get the rest of the group involved in deciding Randall's fate.  I know that Rick and Shane have appointed themselves President and VP of the group, but it really should be a democracy.  Dale was right to encourage a group meeting and if they vote against him, so be it! He would have had no choice but to accept it and move on.

    Dale's need to remind the group of their "humanity" is like Lori's need to create some semblance of normalcy.  Maybe it's not what the group wants but it might be what they need!

  • The Finale!  What the effing eff yo?! 
    *SPOILER ALERT*  I'm including some spoilers so if you WANT to read it, just highlight the following.
    Zombie-Cow: COOL!
    Dale's death: NOT COOL!
    There are other members that I would have considered expendable.  For instance: Beth.  I would have felt bad if she would have gone through with it.  Like I said before, I do not condone suicide...ever!  However, as a character/group member, she contributed far less than Dale. (Just my opinion.)  I hate that Dale died feeling like the group betrayed him :(

    As for Carl, he's going to be in a world of emotional HURT now.  He's only a boy, but his curiosity and thirst for blood (because let's call a spade, a spade) is really what lead to a man's death.  As the youngest member of the group who still has so much to learn, he is well on his way to becoming the most jaded and that's where I think Rick & Lori are going to need to step it up in the parenting department.

    I think @JJiReads was on to something last night when she said that the zombie probably managed to track Carl's scent and Dale, silly man, really should have known better than to go traipsing around secluded areas at night regardless of what kind of weaponry you happen to be toting.
And those are my six cents.  What do you guys think of last night's episode?  Need to vent, rant, praise?  Go for it :)


  1. I've been meaning to watch this show forever! It looks so good and I've heard such amazing things about it. Plus I think AMC does some amazing TV.

    -Kate the Book Buff
    The Book Buff

  2. @Kaitlyn: Oh man, it's so good! AMC has done an amazing job with this show and the make-up is phenomenal. Although I might be a bit angry with them for the mini heart-attack they gave me last night, lol.

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  3. I agree with everything you said here. I was extremely upset with what happened to Dale. With Dale gone, there is no one left to be the voice of reason. Also the fact that he died not knowing that Randall's life had been spared, that made it even worse. Did you see the look on his eyes as Rick and then Daryl pointed the gun at him? He felt very betrayed. I was sobbing like a baby.

    On the Andrea vs. Lori debate though, I'm leaning more towards the Andrea side. I of course wouldn't condone suicide as a way out, but Lori just totally pisses me off with her high and mighty attitude. It's a zombie apocalypse, so what if Andrea doesn't want to cook and clean and she wants to help out in other ways? She's still helping out by keeping the group safe? It wasn't fair to say "the men can handle it". Screw you Lori! LOL

    I think again we're seeing some signs of the zombies getting smarter and/or showing that they can do more than just grunt. In the first episode, we saw that little girl that Rick shot pick up her little bunny bear from the ground. Why would she do that other than that she recognized it as it being her toy? We also saw zombies attending a religious service and now this zombie showed signs of being able to track this kid that pissed him off.

    Things are for sure getting interesting.

    JJ @ JJiReads ♥ Book reviews and more from an e-book lover

  4. I was ticked at Carl. I know his friend died and he has some valid excuses for acting like a little turd, but still. And Andrea has been driving me nuts until she sided with Dale.

  5. @JJ: Yes, I hated that scene at the end when Dale is looking at them with that look of hurt, loss and betrayal in his eyes. Oh, just shoot me too while you're at it!

    I agree that Andrea contributes in different ways. Just because she's a woman, doesn't mean she needs to be domestic. What I don't like is her "que cera, cera" attitude when it comes to something as serious as a young girl killing herself.

    Bro, I do not remember the zombies going to church scene! WTH?! I agree that they seem to be getting smarter and that's definitely no bueno for the Scooby gang. Kind of reminds of me of "I Am Legend".

  6. @Kelsey: I am so ticked at Carl too! I agree that he hasn't quite figured out how to deal w/ the death of his friend but that doesn't excuse his being rude to Carol.

  7. LOL at the hidden section of the post. I love that, *whispers how did you do it?* I love walking dead, I have however gotten stuck working the late shift so I missed the last few episodes. DVR here I come.
    I love Dale too, so wish Lori would grow up, love Andrea but sometimes wish to slap her, ugh Shane went from being the man to being the guy everyone should have a gun trained on, just because at any moment he's going to lose it.

    thanks for the share
    be blessed

  8. I have to admit I was not a complete lover of zombies but The Walking Dead totally changed my mind! It's not just a zombie show...I was just as shocked by last night's ending, Dale...really?! Not cool writers! Surely there was someone else that could have met that fate!

    Poor Carl went from an innocent to tainted...I hope he doesn't lose his way. As much as I feel I shouldn't like Shane, he's one of my fave characters..maybe it's my likeness of "bad boys!"

    I can't wait to see what's in store for the last two episodes...thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  9. I was sad, so sad! Though it will be interesting to see who stands up to be the moral compass.

    If I had to choose Team Andrea or Team Lori--it would be Team Andrea. I don't advocate suicide at all but in the zombie apocolypse I don't know that I would want someone taking away what little choices are left. That aside, Lori's little woman talk was enough to make me very upset with her. Plus, I honestly don't see her as much of a contributor. She tends to be like "I support you Rick" BUT "I don't really agree". I think she is the biggest manipulator but with that being said, it is probably not a good thing to be on her bad side!

    Rick vs Shane---I think we will have a Coming to Jesus Pt. 2. Especially since 2 times last night, Rick could not pull the trigger. The first one I am glad he didn't but that second one he really needed too.

    RIP D! I will miss you :)

  10. Man, that episode was NUTS! I totally cried hahaa. Andrea's annoying, but I didn't exactly agree with Lori's "the men can handle it" comment either! Aaand oh, little CARL omg, he is on my last nerve! Talkin' back, sneaking into that barn, swiping that gun, teasing the walker.. ughhh!

  11. Personally...and this is just how I feel about the whole situation...
    If you want to must stop picking up strays. Can't be feeding more people. That's just crazy!
    Another thing...Rick and Shane need to quit measuring dicks. If shane doesn't like the way Rick handles the groups fate... Then move alone Shane. No one is begging you to stay either.
    As for that little brat! I'd smack his ass Cuban style and he'll learn not to pull dumb moves like that ever again.
    Now let's move on to Lori. She needs to shut up and learn her place. Woman is out to get Shane killed if you ask me! She is a manipulator and honestly Rick needs to tell her off and send her bags packing after screwing his best friend.
    Poor Dale though. So messed up. But let's face it. He had to go in order for this group to wake up!
    Now Shane...we all know he is going to die by the end of this season just because he is a major threat.

  12. I haven't watched sunday's nights episode, but I've read the first four volumes of "The Walking Dead" comic, so I'm not too surprised by the choices being made for this season. I am however feeling aggravated by how far away from the original story the show has gotten.

    If they kept it more like the comic: Shane would have been dead by now (long before they got to the farm), Sophia would still be alive, and a few other things that made the comics awesome!

    If anyone hasn't read them yet and you watch the show, you should pick up a few of the volumes before the end of the season!

  13. I could sit and talk to you about this for hours, Isa. I was really affected by the episode. The human rights advocate came out in my true and strong and I am ridiculously pissed the fuck off about the whole convoluted mess and outcome.

    However, it makes damn good TV.


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