TGIF: Social Networking

This week's question:
Social Networking: Do you use Twitter or Facebook to promote your blog? How has it benefited your book blogging experience? If not, how do you promote your blog? Share your twitter handle and/or Facebook link!

Oh Twitter, how we love thee?

Neither one of us used Twitter before blogging.  Heck, we didn't even get Twitter accounts until quite some time after we launched Book Soulmates.
So here's our story:

We originally opened just one account, @BookSoulmates that Vanessa ran because Isalys has no interest in learning or dealing with yet one more site.  It wasn't until about a year later when Vanessa said to Isalys, "I'm opening a Twitter account FOR you" and Isalys finally said, "oh all right."  Well, I think Isalys might need to join a Twitter-addict support group now, lol.

Seriously though, Twitter has been one of the best and most fun promotional tools available to a blogger.  It allows us to connect with people who appreciate the same things (in our case, our love of books & reading).  More often than not, it's through Twitter that we discover other awesome blogs because of the conversations had with mutual "friends".  We to keep it professional and stick to book-related tweets but it gets harder to do that as you start forming real friendships with people. When a new blogger comes along and asks us for advice, our first tip is to get a Twitter account and network, network, network!
Wanna follow us?
Vanessa: @BookSoulmates | Isalys: @IsaBookSoulmate

Now onto Facebook, we do have a Fan Page but to be honest, it's one we could live without.  We had set-up a profile page in order to get the Fan Page (now we know we didn't have to) and we were BOMBARDED with messages, friend and game requests.  It got to be too much so we deactivated the profile and kept the fan page.  Even so, we kind of lost interest in maintaining it so it just hangs out there.  Vanessa uses it more actively to promote her other site and Isalys prefers to use it for her personal friends.


  1. I found you guys through twitter as well and then I saw that you guys are from Miami too and started following. Twitter is great for meeting new people with similar interests.

    Happy Friday!

    JJ iReads
    Check out my Friday post

  2. Twitter----it is just so darn fun and you can do it in your PJs :) LOL !

    Yep, I never update my fan page on Facebook either. I occasionally will go out there to make sure it isn't hacked but that is about it LOL

  3. How I love twitter too. It's funny because I actually started a twitter account in like 2009 or something and never used it until I started my blog in 2011. Now I am completely addicted!! Besides, it's how I met Isalys, so that right there is worth it!!

  4. Happy Friday! Twitter is definitely great for meeting and keeping updated with others.
    I followed both of you guys :)

  5. So yeah, so think I need to jump on twitter for blogging promo!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  6. I love twitter and made some wonderful friends through it

  7. I don't use Twitter as much as I probably should - and now that I've heard about so many people connecting with favorite authors on there, I might have to get back on it a little more :-)

  8. I use Twitter all the time..You'd have to thank my husband for getting me into that a while back. I use it to meet other people with same interests, bloggers, friends, authors and even to promote my blog and such. Love it.

  9. Don't like Twitter, don't ever want to be on Twitter as Facebook is as far as I wanted to go... the moment I joined up, I put up all my links and my membership doubled. But then, Google has me on their pages anyway and people type in those three little words: 'my reading list' and up pops my blog immediately on the first page... :) How cool is that?

    So, really I don't have to do much advertising as my blog title is very easy to remember... :)

  10. #TwitterWhoresFTW

    Right? We rock the FACES off twitter dude!!!

  11. Natalie and I are the same: she handles the Twitter account. FB does not do too much for us either.


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