15 Day Book Blogger Challenge [Day 2]

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Day 2: What's your bedtime ritual? 

Reading before bed is one of my favorite times to curl up with my book.  Everyone is asleep, no one is calling or texting me, and the house is peaceful.

I usually try to get into bed around 9 or 9:30 so that I have a couple of hours to read before it's time for shut-eye.  Lately it seems I've been getting into bed a little later so that usually means I also go to sleep later.

Before I settle in...
  1. I make sure all the lights are off and my house alarm is on.
  2. I put on my pajamas.
  3. I do my nightly ablutions: go potty, wash my face, brush my teeth, put on hand lotion, and put some vaseline on my lips (I cannot handle dry lips!).
  4. Then I put my giant "boyfriend" pillow on the bed and grab my Snuggie (yes, I use my Snuggie regularly, lol).
I usually have a bottle of water on the nightstand or if I feel I need to relax, then I'll make myself some hot tea with honey.

I love reading my romance novels at night because it's a more intimate time and they are more calming. I've learned that sometimes reading action-packed books makes my brain too active at night and then I spend the majority of the night replaying scenes in my head which means I fight battles or kill zombies or rearrange cities, but get no sleep - lol.

Once everything is in place and I've got my book, I'll get comfy (my dogs usually will arrange themselves on or around me) and I read until I start dozing which is usually around 11:30 to midnight.

Then I do it all again the next night ;)

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