Quote Battle Round 3: Bad-ass Quotes!

Today, we get to participate in the

What exactly is the QUOTE BATTLE OF THE BOYS, you ask? 

Well, it's a pretty rad event put together by some of the coolest gals around: 
Jessica, the Total Bookaholic
Angeline Kace, author of Descended by Blood series
Heather Hildenbrand, author of the Dirty Blood Series. 

In our battle, Mirko from Descended by Blood and Alex from Dirty Blood will duke it out in a battle of WORDS.

Let's begin!


“My dad’s family was army. Five generations.”
“As in human army? I thought they were Hunters,” Tara said.
“They are. They were. Doesn’t mean you can’t kill the old-fashioned way. Human war is just as good as Werewolf war. And when Werewolf wartime is slow…”
He smiled wryly. “I told you before, I’m a soldier.” Despite the smile, shadows framed his expression.
“Is that why you think you’re like them? You want war?” 
“Don’t you?” he asked. Fire laced his words, not just passion but anger. 
“No. I don’t know.” 
“Something in you wants to fight. I can see it. It’s one of the things I first noticed about you.” 
“The question is, what are we fighting for?” 
“No, that’s your question. You’re bent on protecting the innocent, taking up a cause. Some of us don’t care nearly as much about the reason behind the bloodshed.”
~Blood Bond

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"I run to get Brooke out of the crazed Zao Duh’s reach. I push her and take the punch the guy cocked for her head. It hits my shoulder and jostles me sideways. I bound back and punch him in the jaw, knocking him out. He drops to the ground, and in great timing because now I have to intervene between Brooke and another thug. I grab him by the collar of his sweater and swing him around, meeting my fist with his nose. His face was already a bloody mess, but now his blood mixes with his victim’s."
~Enemy Within
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Stuck In Books

There are two more stops coming up so don't forget to check those out and vote for your favorite bad-ass boy!
Now that I have fully equipped you to make this very important decision, you may go forth and vote!

You didn't think we were done, did you? 

Angeline and Heather are giving away: 5 ebooks and signed swag packs.
The winner will receive an ebook of Descended by Blood, Enemy Within, Dirty Blood, Cold Blood, and Blood Bond, along with swag from both authors. 
Open internationally! 
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Good luck to you and may the sexiest, swooniest, baddes boy win ;)

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