15 Day Book Blogger Challenge [Day 4]

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Day 4: What's the last book you flung across the room? 

There aren't too many books out there that I've been tempted to fling across a room or set on fire.  The last one I remember getting really frustrated with was "Out of the Easy" by Rita Sepetys.

I don't really think this is much of a spoiler so I'm going to go ahead and say it.  Our main character, Josie's MOTHER was a giant, flaming sack of shit!  I swear, I was ready to spit fire by, like, page 5.  Josie was a great character that I admired for the most part.  She was strong, fiercely independent, and ambitious, yet she had a weakness for her mother.  Josie's upbringing is what shaped her independence and so the mother/daughter roles were reversed with Josie looking out for her mother.  While I can appreciate that, her mother didn't deserve it and it drove me batshit that Josie allowed herself to be taken advantage of and treated so poorly.  

There was one scene in particular where I fantasized about crawling into the book, throat-punching her mother, telling her to fuck-off, and then grabbing Josie by the arm and indignantly storming out while her mother stared slack-jawed!!  #endscene

I have such an amazing relationship with my own mother that I simply cannot understand or even tolerate the idea of a woman having so much contempt for her own child.  It makes me sad that people like that even exist.  While I enjoyed the story, I found it very hard to see past my rage and it changed the way I experienced this story.

And there you have it...lol

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