15 Day Book Blogger Challenge [Day 6]

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Day 6: Describe how you shop for books!

This is an interesting question that I've never given much thought to before now.  My habits have changed a bit over the last couple of years since I'm trying not to hoard books these days, lol.

My habit used to be:
  • Walk into bookstore (namely Barnes & Noble)
  • Grab anything and everything that looked remotely interesting
  • Sit in the café and peruse through my findings for the next two hours
  • Decide which books were going home with me
  • Deflect the evil stares of store employees because I'd leave a stack of slush on the table
#tbt This is an oldie but a goodie!

Well, suffice is to say that I don't do this anymore for several reasons, one of which being that one of my dearest friends now works for B&N and she'd kick me if I contributed to her pile of slush, lol.  Right, Yami?

At one time, when all the Borders were closing *tear*, we'd walk in and it was GAME TIME!  Since the books were being liquidated, we would get killer sales so I'd go home with easily 20 books for next to nothing!

Now I try to have a plan when I walk into the store!  I want X book and I'm leaving the store with only Y number of books.  If the bookstore doesn't have a particular title that I want, then I'll hit up Amazon.

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