Blog Tour / Review: An Earl To Enchant (ARC) by Amelia Grey

Title: An Earl To Enchant
Author: Amelia Grey
Published: April 6, 2010 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN-10: 1402217617
Pages: 352 pgs, Mass Market Paperback

Reason for reading: Participating in Blog Tour/Review courtesy of Source Books.



Lord Morgandale is as notorious as he is dashing, and he’s determined no woman will tie him down. But from the moment Arianna Sweet appears on his doorstep, exhausted after a grueling journey, he cannot resist the lure of the fascinating beauty, her exotic wardrobe, or tempting green eyes . . .


Arianna Sweet never imagined the significance of her father’s research until after his untimely death. Now she is in possession of his groundbreaking discovery, a discovery that someone would kill for. She can’t tell Lord Morgandale her secret, but she knows she needs his help, desperately.

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Isalys's Review:
Lord Morgandale decided to escape the hustle & bustle of London and spend his time in the country. He'd grown weary of the parties and balls and of his cousins who insisted on parading eligible young ladies for him to 'choose' from. However, it seems country life has bored him as well and he finds himself in need of something, or someone, to occupy his time. Enter Arianna Sweet...

Arianna has lived in India most of her life while her father performed his scientific research. Now her father has been brutally murdered and she must return to England to seek the help of Lady Elder, an old friend of her fathers. Before her father was killed, he thought he had discovered the cure for consumption and now Arianna's mission is to make sure her father and his memory get the credit he deserves.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters of Morgan (aka Lord Morgandale) and Arianna. Morgan is an Earl and he lives up to this title. Although unmarried and in no hurry to marry, he's responsible, kind and an all-around good guy. Arianna is innocent and sweet yet impetuous and determined. She intended to return to England to seek the help Morgan's grandmother (Lady Elder) and instead got the help she needed and more from Morgan himself. Arianna was as prim and proper as any well-bred English miss, but having spent so much time in India, she picked up an Indian habit or two that intrigued Morgan (and made him a little hot under the cravat).

I was pleased with the novels pacing. Morgan and Arianna enjoyed each other's company and seemed to grow a genuine fondness for each other, although they didn't fall in love or at least didn't realize it right away. There were a few moments that were a bit of a stretch [damsel in distress and hero shows up out of nowhere], but I guess that's to be expected with romances. There were also some very sweet moments that were nice to read.

This was the 3rd book in the Rogues Dynasty Series. However, I was able to enjoy it without having read its predecessors. I plan to read the other two books next chance I get.

RATING: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
HEAT LEVEL: 3 (Sensual)

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