What Do You Really Think Of Reviews?

One area of blogging we both really want to focus and improve on is reviewing! As much fun as memes and other aspects of blogging are, we've come to realize that book reviews are what really drive the book community. Without reviews, we would have to rely on a book's summary to determine whether or not it interests us. Even word of mouth is in itself a form of {verbal} review.

So what The Season Blog and we what to know is:
"What Do You Really Think Of Reviews?"
  • How much importance do you put on reviews when deciding what book to read next?
  • Do you prefer short, sweet & to the point OR do you like a more in depth review that provides a lot of detail (never spoilers though!)?
  • Are you prejudiced by whether or not you've enjoyed (or not) a particular reviewers past reviews?
  • Do you trust a certain reviewer over another...maybe someone who is unknown or new?
  • Are you sufficed with a simple 1 to 5 star rating OR do you like a reviewer to offer of a rating breakdown (ie: Writing, Plot, Characters, Cover Art, Heat Level (for romance only)) ?
Ok, that's enough questions for now...ha!

With our intention of including more reviews on Book ♥ Soulmates along with Isalys's participation as a Reviewer for The Season, your feedback would be vastly helpful!!

And if you guys can spare another moment, please hop over to The Season Post and answer her POLL.

Grassy-ass :)


  1. I love reviews. ALLOT.
    I prefer them succinct.
    I loathe spoilers.
    I tend to trust reviewers that have similar taste to my own.
    I like a 5 star system :)

    You guys ROCK :) No need to improve ;)

  2. Hi Juju! Thank you for the [positive] feedback =)

    We like reviews too! As a reader, I agree with your points. I like reviews to be somewhere between simple and detailed...definitely no spoilers! I also read reviews from people who have similar tastes to mine and that I feel write 'good' reviews. I don't mind if a reviewer provides extra info with their rating, but 5-stars works just fine for me.

    As a reviewer, I enjoy writing reviews but I write them for you guys so I want to be sure to include info that is relevant & helpful to you!


  3. I do like reviews, but I find it hard to categorize what kind I like. I would rather a short and to the point review. I feel like everyone's take on a book is different, and everyone's review style is different. Sometimes if you read a review and you don't really like that person's style, you might tend to say "no thanks" to the book. It's nice to see what other people think, but I don't go solely on their review.
    I also like a star system, although I use "under-eye bags" for how much sleep you'll lose because you're reading deep into the night! :)

  4. I think it depends on the review itself. I have seen many reviews that are just recap of the synopsis and then the bland and redundant comments in regards to liking or not liking a book. That is not a review to me. For me a review is a personal opinion and detailed account of the good and bad aspects of a book.

    I would love for a short review to reflect on key aspects of the book, but I also like examples of reasoning. In order to do that, some might consider that spoilers. It's a catch 22.

    I also think that it is the writing stytle and crediablity that appeals to me. You can read someones reviews and tell if they really read the book and what they really thought about it. When the review comes of analytical and cold with no personality to it, I find that off putting as well.

    I like the star system, I use it myself. It lets me know up front what to expect within the review.

    I write long reviews, but I try to make them informative, entertaining, and while there are spoilers, there is never a give away ending.

    Meh...different strokes....

  5. I like reading reviews especially for debut authors.

    The 1 to 5 rating scale is good. I don't think breaking down the rating offers much. What I want to know before buying a book is: is this story compelling, sexy, funny, etc...basically is it worth checking out.

    I do tend to trust certain reviewers over others simply because it's a matter of book taste.

    One feature that AAR uses sometimes is the "If you liked (insert title), then you will really like this book." I always found that very useful.


  6. Great / informative comments!

    @Scorpio: What a great idea to incorporate the "if you liked ..., then you'll really like this book"

    @Lori: I definitely like a detailed account of the good and bad aspects as well.

    @Jeanne: "under eye bags"! Love it!

    @Juju: You rock too!! :D

    ♥ V ♥

  7. When I buy a book, it has to be something I have both heard is good from many reviewers as well as something that sounds good to me. If it doesn't sound like something I'd personally enjoy, I don't purchase it.

    I like both short and sweet and in depth reviews. Although I have to admit that sometimes, if they are too long, I just skim it and check out the rating or maybe "overall" portion that some bloggers add to their reviews.

    Yes, I am prejudiced. I try not to be, but when I'm deciding which book to buy next and think of who gave it good ratings, I remember what they rated other books that I might have read and liked or disliked. It's not because I think their opinion in books is bad and they have no idea what they are talking about, so this book must be bad. I believe we just have different tastes in books. That's all.

    Yes, I trust some reviewers over others, but it is because of the same reason I just stated. I might just agree with one persons book choices and rating than others, because we have similar tastes in books.

    I am happy with a simple 1 to 5 star rating. When they break them down, I usually pay no attention to those other things and just look for the overall rating.

    I also posted an answer with the poll and hope I have helped :)

  8. I don't pay much attention to reviews----I do read them--- but have never purchased or not purchased a book because of a review.

  9. What I look for in reviews:

    -Have I read/do I want to read the book being reviewed?
    -Do I like the writer's style? I tend to read and comment more on longer reviews that have a personal approach. I know I tend to argue with the book, post relevant/amusing YouTube videos, or make my point with pictures. Sassy reviews are my favorite!
    -Is the reviewer's opinion clear? I don't even need to see a breakdown of scores or cover art comments or whatever, I just need to have a clear sense of whether the person liked the book or not.

  10. For reviewing, I like it to be more the Reviewers thoughts then step by step things. (If that makes any sense.)Where the reviewer has a step by step thing they address each book.

    I prefer that I have simalar tastes to the reviewer, we may not always agree, but for the majority we can agree. That's also why I love to have multiple reviewers.

    At the end of the review I like a closing summary that puts everything in a quick nutshell. For some books that is all I will look at to get an idea. I prefer the rating to be clean and simple, know characters, plot, ext.

    That's how I try to right my reviews anyway.


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