A Yummy Award

Yay :) We're so happy to have received the Yummy Award. A big, fat thank you to the girls of Book Lovers Delight for this award!! There are so many awesome blogs out there that deserve this award - you guys should see our mile-long dashboard, lol!

The rules for this Bliss (Happy 101) Award are that we must list 10 things that make us happy, then pass it along to 10 other bloggers.

And since it happens that we are two people, we split the list right down the middle...

Vanessa's 5 Things That Make Her Happy (About Bookish things)
1. Going to B&N with Isalys multiple times a week! (Seriously. She's the only one that understands my addiction - and shares it too. lol)
2. Reading a great book whose ending I cannot guess!
3. Meeting new authors who aren't all "high & mighty". (Authors are our rock stars. When you meet them - at book signings - and they're friendly, it makes you idolize them even more and makes you brag about their book to everyone! When they're nasty and unfriendly, it makes you sad and you look at them differently... ya know? Why bother going to a book signing if you're going to act indifferent to the people buying YOUR book? Hello McFly!)
4. Drinking my Black Tea while reading an awesome page-turner (Even though it makes me pee 10 times an hour! Really, just ask Isalys and Nely. Grrrr)
5. Sniffing books. I do. I really do love the smell. (Does that make me weird?)

's 5 Things That Make Her Happy (About Bookish things)
1. Sitting on my couch, in the peace & quiet of the night with nothing but my blanket & my book! (I will read until I can't keep my eyes open anymore!)
2. That first moment when you walk into a book store and you're instantly hit with the smell of books & paper. (It really is one of my fave smells ever! I would so buy a book-scented candle to put in my "library", you hear that Yankee Candle - hop to it!!)
3. Looking at my Billy bookshelf. I just love to admire it in all it's overstuffed glory :) And of course, I love adding more books to it which happens regularly!
4. Collecting book marks! I especially love the little magnetic ones. I have a little set of shoe ones (because I'm a shoe-whore too!) and little coffee ones. I get tired of looking at the same one over & over so I switch them around every time I pick up a new book.
5. Blogging and Vlogging about books with my book soulmate - like, duh!! (We have so much fun together and it really has been a great bonding experience for us as friends ♥)


  1. Congrats on your award. Your site deserves it!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *hugs* Thanks dearies! *hugs*

  3. You girls ROCK! Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for mine!

    I really wish we lived closer...I would love to go to B&N with you two! We would have a blast being dorks (and I mean that in the nicest way).

    Isalys - I just ordered my Billy Bookcase!!!!!!!!! It's so funny that you mentioned yours! It should be here next week and I really want to call in sick so I can put it together and re-arrange all of my books...so much fun!

    I'll take pics!

  4. @Cecile - Thank you very much :) We really do love to blog!

    @Juju & Miss Cindy - It is our pleasure to pass it on to you guys. You are both pretty darn awesome :)

    @Amy - Vane & I were just talking about that yesterday. We wished we could assemble our own little blogger convention. Barnes & Noble better watch out! We really would have the best time together...nerds unite!

    Yay, congrats on your Billy - I love him! What color did you get? I think you should come down with a mysterious 24 hr bug, lol. And yes, you need to take pics and post them. I need to take updated pics of mine too. He's getting so full!

    *FYI folks* We're talking about a bookshelf...how odd are we?! LOL

    Have a wonderful day ladies!

  5. Congratulations on the award. And congrats to all those bloggers who it was passed onto!

  6. *sighs* I just wish I lived near a Barnes and Nobles.

    Thanks for the award. I am flattered. :)

  7. @Lori - We're happy to pass it along to you! I really do love visiting your blog :)

    I didn't used to live near a B&N but they built a new one by my house not too long ago and it's been heavenly. If you ever find yourself visiting South Florida - we'll have to get together there!


  8. I ♥ you girls big time! Congrats on your award! It's truly well-deserved! And thank you so much for sending one my way ;-)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Aww, thanks for passing this on to me!! You girls rock and I LOVE your blog lots.

    I love your lists, especially since I can relate to almost all of those things! :)

  10. Congrats on the award everyone!

  11. Congrats-- you both deserve it! :D

    And thanks so much for passing it on to me-- I'll have to add this to my blog when I have time later this weekend. (Don't you hate when you get so busy in life that not even the weekends bring relief anymore?!)

    Love your lists-- I think I can relate to almost every single one. Except for maybe your obsession with Black Tea, Vanessa. I'm personally not a huge fan of tea, so I'd replace that with good ol' ice cold water and then be set! :D

    I'm with you, Isalys--- If Yankee Candle made a replica of the smell of books, I'd be buying a ton of them! Course, nothing beats the real thing, though. *Wink*


  12. congratulations on the well deserved yummy award! And a big thank you for passing it on to me!
    wit woo

  13. Congrats on the award! Your girls deserve it!

  14. Congratulations on the award and thank you so much for passing it on to me!


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