Rant or Rave Monday 3.29.10

Every year, the Florida Renaissance Festival visits us for five weeks in February/March. We LOVE Ren Fairs so we dedicated a whole Saturday to enjoying the medieval festivities.

Here is a bit 'o info on the fair:

Suspended Between Myth and History

"Browse through our enchanted crafts Village where over one hundred merchants and artisans demonstrate and sell their wares. Behold glass blowing, hammered pewter, wooden toys, unique pottery, clothing and a wealth of other riches. Applaud Hundreds of Performers, not only on our twelve stages but literally all around you. Sword fighters, minstrels, magicians, wenches and more. For all the world's a stage. Cheer Battling Knights, as they mount their steeds, lower their visors, aim their lances and charge at full tilt, thrice daily. Feast on Hearty Food fit for a King! Visit the Pub and toast to the Royal Court with a tankard of ale or cider. Hip! Hip! Huzzah! Play Games of Chance and games of skill which challenge both young and old alike...archery, the test of strength, Jacob's Ladder and more." [Florida Renaissance Festival]


{Yes, we were rocking the wings!}

{Left: Who doesn't love a good joust? Right: Listening to lovely music played on the harp.}

{On the left, the 'ooh la la' German knight Rodrick and on the right, with the King & Queen of the Ren Fair.}

{With our lovely friend Denisse!}
{Vanessa + Isa = Visa ♥ Everywhere you want to be!}

{Bye bye Ren Fair...until next time!}

Can't wait for next year! HUZZAH!!!


  1. I am loving the wings! Very cute. Looks like you girls had a great time.

    I am also here stuck with a rainy day. Its a good day to spend reading though.

    Have a great week!

  2. great pics, love the wings, you ladies look great :)

  3. ohh by the way I want to go next year with you (LOL)

  4. It looks like you guys had a total blast. Sad, I never got to go w/ y'all... hopefully next year.



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