Book Club: August Discussion - Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Hi everyone! We've decided to post the discussion questions on the blog as well as on our Book ♥ Soulmates Facebook page because let's face it.... not EVERYONE has a Facebook! So, we figured, this way it'd be easier for those of you who do not have an account to still be able to join our wonderful bookish discussions!

FYI: We will be breaking up the book into four sections. This week we'll be discussing Chapters 1 - 6! (Pages 1 - 85)

Here are some of the questions so far:
(Please feel free to add your own questions! But please do not skip ahead (we wouldn't want to spoil it for everyone right? lol)

• How do you feel about the book being written in the first person POV? Would you have liked to see what Gale or Peeta are thinking?
• Are you Team Gale? or Team Peeta? - I think it'd be fun to answer this now, that way you can come back and see if you've changed your mind! :)
• How do you feel about Katniss's mother? Do you feel sorry for her?
• How do you feel about her situation?
• How do you feel about her being the only "bread winner"?
• What do you think about Haymitch being their counselor? Do you think he's a good guy or a bad guy?
• Why do you think Cinna wants to literally, Light them on Fire?

More questions still to come!
If you have any please feel free to ask and I'll add your question to this main post!


  1. In the beginning I was totally Team Gale :)

    I did feel bad for her mom.

  2. @Juju: Me too! I was totally Team Gale at first! lol. I mean, come on, he's been there with her all her life ya know?

    I feel bad for her mom too. I actually feel sorry for all of them. It's a tough situation to be in.

  3. I'm popping over from the blog hop but I had to jump into the discussion. I'm a follower so I'll try not to miss this month's discussion since the book is fresh in my mind.

    Anyway, on with the questions.

    1. I started off reading romance novels and most of those books are written in the third person so I thought reading from first person would not make a fan of me but I've found that I don't mind reading first person at all. There are only a handful of times when I wish I had the male lead's POV but for the most part and most especially in this book, I think Collins did a fine job of keeping me invested in Katniss.

    2. Do I feel bad for the Mom? Not really...mostly because as a mother myself, it's hard for me to let my emotions get the best of me because it's my job as the mother to my daughter to be the strong one. If she needed to grieve, grieve but to me, she let her grief take over her life and the mothering then became Katniss' job. I don't think that was fair to Katniss because Katniss was a child herself and now has to take care of both her younger sister and her mother. Her mother had every right to grieve but she should never have let her grief get in the way of taking care of her kids. She may have lost her husband but her kids lost not only their father but their mother too.

    3. Who's situation are we talking about here? Katniss or Katniss' mother?

    4. I felt bad for Katniss and Peeta because their counselor was a fall on his face drunk. I had no idea how in the world he was going to sober up enough to help these kids win the competition. I mean, they're playing for their lives, not just another medal or something. It was a matter of life and death and to see Haymitch drunk made me mad for Katniss and Peeta.

    5. I don't think Cinna wants to harm them but I do think that Cinna wants to use them for some bigger plan. What that plan is, I have no idea.

    Great discussion ladies!

  4. Hello! I cant beleive that I am actually finding the time for reading.. I love it!!! lol Ok...
    1- I really enjoy reading the book in first person it really makes me get into the book. I feel automatically connected to the character when it is written this way. It would be interesting to read what Gale or Petta are thinking but it is very intriguing this way.
    2-Like others have said, I have changed back and forth. I really like Gale bc he has been there and I feel that he will continue to be there for her by helping out her sister and mother. However, I also like Peeta bc I feel that there is going to be a connection there that he is going to be able to help her out.
    3-5-I feel sorry for her mother but at the same time I am also angry with her for making her daughters go through what they went through after their father died. I dont think a daughter should have to take that burden of being the "bread winner" and taking care of the family
    6-Haymitch... Oh wow, I am not too sure what I feel about him. I think he might be a good person but I am not sure if he is that dependable.
    7-I feel Cinna wants them to make a huge statement! To be remembered!

    I am really enjoying this book and the discussion... let the games continue!


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