True Blood Show Review 8.16.10

Well seeing as we all needed a good rant after last week's episode, I thought why not do it again :)

Here are my thought's on last night's episode:

1) Tara is getting some form of therapy - hallelujah! She definitely has some issues to work through and I'm glad that she's getting help because her attitude is preventing her from being a good friend to others.

2) I effing knew it...I knew Franklin wasn't dead! That's what happens when you use a mace and not an ax - duhhhh!!! At least Jason took care of business this time. Thank you wooden bullets, lol. The explosion of cherry jello tells me that he's gone for good this time.

3) Can someone, anyone please tell me why the hell HBO decided to introduce Hunter (Hadley's son) now? Seriously!! We don't meet him until book 8. You hear that HBO...BOOK EIGHT!!! And it's not Hadley who introduces him to Sookie. Grrrrr - this one really ticked me off! What is the purpose of all that?!

4) Well, I guess Bill and Sookie are still together. Not too sure how I feel about this!

5) Sam lost his cool and it was totally called for! Go Sam Go!! He seems to be the voice of reason most of the time and even he needs to let off a little steam from time to time.

6) There's something about Summer (Hoyt's new girl) that I find really creepy. She's too sugary sweet and I hope Hoyt and Jess can reconcile. Maybe there's still hope :)

7) I like where the plot is going with Eric, Pam, Russell, and the authority. That's big 'ol mess!! I think this could get really interesting. I kind of liked Russell at first, but now he seems almost as batty as Franklin. It's pretty gross that he cuddled with Talbot's innards and now he's flying around with them in a jar, wow! But at least the "Authority's" rep (forgetting her name now) saw that Eric was telling the truth about Russell. Who's scurred now? lol

I think I've covered everything. "And now for the weather. Tiffany?"

What did you guys think?

1 comment:

  1. -I agree with you on Tara.

    -Ding Dong the vamp is dead. Frankling gave me the creeps. Yay for Jason and his wooden bullets.

    -Dude, it's HBO...who knows why they do the things they do.

    -I need Sookie to drop the zero and get with the hero..aka Alcide. ;-)

    -It's always scarier when the quiet ones lose their cool.

    -I agree. Summer is creepy as hell. And what's up with the dolls for Pete's sake. Team Jess all the way.

    -My question is how the hell is Eric going to beat psycho Russell?!

    One of my favorite scenes is when Russell promises his jar of Talbot revenge on the AVL. I love it when characters lose touch with reality and start talking to inanimate objects.


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