Review: Kiss of the Rose by Kate Pearce

Title: Kiss of the Rose
{The Tudor Vampire Chronicles}
Author: Kate Pearce
Publish Date: Aug 3, 2010 by Signet
Pages: 320, paperback
Reason for reading: Reviewed for The Season

Refreshingly imaginative and deliciously sensual describe Kate Pearce’s new paranormal twist on the court life of King Henry VIII. Assassins, ancient cults and a love triangle make for an enthralling tale.

Rosalind Llewellyn is a Druid and the grand-daughter of one of the greatest vampire hunters of the middle ages. Expertly trained and sworn to protect King Henry VIII from a deadly vampire threat, she travels to court and manages to convince the king to allow a woman to guard him against a threat he didn’t even know existed. The vampire isn’t the only threat though. The insanely attractive and arrogant Druid slayer Christopher Ellis makes an unexpected appearance at court that throws Rosalind for a loop and makes her wonder what is really going on. 

The very same vampire threat that brought Rosalind to court also brought Christopher. It seems that this ancient and evil vampire has stirred enough trouble that even the Vampire Council wants to be rid of it. Although they are sworn enemies simply because of the very nature of their ancestry, they are forced to work together to protect the King and Queen. 

Rosalind and Christopher’s families want them to perform their duty by destroying the vampire threat while also getting rid of the “vampire lover” and “Druid wench” respectively. They are each instructed to seduce the other in an attempt to distract them from the mission. Rhys, Rosalind’s trainer and intended husband, is none too pleased about this. When he realizes that Rosalind and Christopher’s growing affection isn’t a ruse anymore, he makes it very clear to Christopher that Rosalind’s future is with him [Rhys]. Rosalind is now caught in a heartbreaking love triangle. 

The sexual tension and magnetism between Rosalind and Christopher is truly captivating. Pearce did a superb job in expressing their growing attraction to one another while they battle their inherent distrust. They are both characters to be admired. I found Rosalind’s single-minded focus on the task at hand in spite of everything going on made her very brave and Christopher’s strength really shined when he tries to protect her even though he is supposed to destroy her. I loved that he sees her as an equal to him in strength, courage and ability. Their deeply rooted loneliness and need to belong is incredibly endearing and it made me want to root for them. 

In addition, the tension between Rhys, Rosalind and Christopher is heart-wrenching and I truly felt for her when it came time for Rosalind to choose. If all that is still not enough, the mystery surrounding the vampire threat will keep you at the edge of your seat.
Kiss of the Rose is an exhilarating tale that will make you want to invest your time, your undivided attention and maybe even a bit of your heart. This novel will seduce you with all its sensuality, passion, intrigue, danger, and magic. The only drawback to this novel are a few unanswered questions and the cliffhanger ending. However, I am more than happy to overlook them because we have Blood of the Rose to look forward to next year, and I’m sure those questions will be answered and Rosalind & Christopher will get the happy ending they deserve.

Oh and how insanely HAWT is the guy on the cover? **Hello luvah!**


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