True Blood Show Review 8.9.10

So after last night's True Blood episode, I have about a zillion thoughts going through my mind and I'm turning to you, my fellow bookworms and TB watchers to help me sort them.

1) Tara is becoming such a cynical bitch. I'm not saying she doesn't have her reasons to be. {Franklin was a hairsbreadth away from needing a jacket and some padded walls and then Bill turned her BFF into a Sookie Sundae}, but could we relax just a bit. Oh and please tell me why she decided to bash Franklin's head in with a mace when she had a perfectly good AX right next to her - Helloooo McFly?! Wouldn't that have been just a bit cleaner? Also, I was concerned about Franklin coming back since he didn't explode into a red corn-syrup slushie, but I guess he's gone for good.

2) As per HBO's usual protocol, they're introducing new characters and storylines way early (ie: Crystal and Holly)...although if memory serves right, they're not too far out. I wasn't quite ready for the Crystal/Hot Shots thing but I guess they need something to keep Jason busy. As for Holly, the actress playing her has a certain "off" factor that I think will work well with Holly's less-pleasant demeanor.

3) Uh, why did Hadley visit Sookie? They never spoke or visited in the books and I could understand it happening if it was important to HBO's version but that whole seen was rather pointless. My only guess would be that they're setting it up so that Hadley will get killed off in the next season which will lead to the visit in New Orleans and meeting Amelia and Quinn.

4) Debbie...oh Debbie! Trashy, psycho, She-Were bitch Debbie...
It was so tempting to let Sookie kill her in last night's episode, although that too would have been early and not how it happened in the books. I wonder if HBO-Debbie will try to play nice with Sookie like book-Debbie did.

5) Sookie, you hoe!! You just beat Debbie's ass, slashed her face with a scissor, Bill is covered in blood after munching on some weres and THIS turns you on?! Here's the real question: Is this "let's make up and get back together" sex or is this "my life just flashed before my eyes and I don't know what to do with all this adrenaline" sex? This whole thing is so off from the books that I can't even venture to guess where it will go from here.

6) Back to the aforementioned premature introduction, item # 2, looks like they're starting to set up the part where Jason ends up in Hot Shot and becomes a were because based on the scene where he confronts Crystal's dad - he's got it coming!! Maybe this whole thing will become the one of the main plots in season 4.

7) Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust also did a TB review post and she made a really good point that I missed...and that is, what the heck is going on with Arlene's pregnancy? Rene was killed off in Season 1 which even by the show's schedule would have been month's ago so if Arlene's baby daddy is Rene and not Terry, wouldn't she be showing by now? I'm confused...

And last but not least...

8) Holy gayness Batman!! Between Lafayette & Jesus and Eric & Talbot, even my husband asked me, "Is this the gay episode?" If you like M/M action, then this was the episode for you. I understand that Eric had ulterior motives for seducing Talbot, but I would have preferred to keep Eric IN his skivvies until he hooked up with Sookie.

On a more positive note, I'm glad that they didn't kill of Jessica because for a moment there I thought they might. She's the one non-book-related addition to the show that I'm happy with!

Personally, the show is taking a direction that I can't say I'm too crazy about. I really wish they would take it easy with the gore because it just seems a bit over the top at this point. I would also love to ask the writers and the producers to re-read the books and this time, pay a little more attention to the story!

Until next weekend's episode, thanks for letting me rant!
Feel free to rant (or rave) back :)


  1. Ugh...I was thinking the same about all the gayness and Arlene's baby!!!! The M on M action is a bot too much, even though the show has always been weird.

  2. OMG I soooooo agree with you on all of this!!

  3. Im not that far into the books but have watched all the seasons....and holy wow that sookie bill sex scene was hot...and I was thinking the same thing with the mm love scenes...I didnt like the whole Eric thing but I see why he did it

  4. I agree with you! Especially point number 5! I wish they had kept this story line the way it was in the books!

  5. I was dumbfounded after watching this episode. I'm okay with HBO straying away from the storyline because I never expect a movie or TV show to follow the book. But what the hell was up with the G.L.O.W. style wrestling match between Sookie and Debbie?!? I would've been happier if she would've just shot her as soon as she kicked down the door.

    Tara's my least favority character so for me she's always been a cynical bitch.

    Jessica's one of my favorite new additions too. I was worried she was going to get offed.

  6. I had been putting this particular post off until I had been able to catch up with last weeks episode and boy am I thankful for that. I was completely take aback by Lafayette and Jesus a few episodes back. I mean, I literally could NOT stop talking about them. I know Lafayette is gay and all that but I just... I don't know. It was... weird. So when Eric started getting it on with Talbot you can't even begin to imagine my reaction. I didn'ty think they'd be getting all down and dirty kissing eachother!! I mean, ERIC NORTHMAN!!! Ugh, thank, HBO for ruining that perfectly fine piece of... As for where the story is heading and how it differs from the books, I'm actually really enjoying it. I have no idea what's going on with the tv series and I'm thankful for that. It's actually keeping me on my toes. I'm still quite curious as to who Claude is going to be and I'm wondering who exactly Jesus is. Is there more to his character?

  7. I get what Chasidy Jean is saying. A couple of weeks ago Sookie was all ready to shoot anyone; I think the producers just wanted a girl-fight. Guys might think women fighting is second only to them making out and they had to balance the m/m features.

    Thanks for the mention!
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust


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