Tempting Tuesday: Some Girls Bite Chapters 5-8


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Week Two Discussion Questions: Chapters 5-8
  1. In what is a make you blush, steamy scene in the book- Chapter 5 has Ethan and Merit sharing a few hot moments after Merit's hunger strikes...that is until Ethan becomes a total cad! What do you think of him so far? Strong, masterful vampire, conceited playboy.....lover boy in disguise?
    The jury is still out on this one!  On the one hand, I want to trust him. I want to believe that he genuinely cares for her and wants to protect Merit.  On the other hand, he's clearly proved that she's a pawn in HIS house...and there's something awfully fishy about how he conveniently happened to be strolling through the campus at the time of her death!

  2. Merit and Mallory begin some major training in these next few chapters, resulting in cool Katana Sword facts and Ninja moves. What is the most physically challenging or adrenaline fueled event/activity you have participated in? Me...participating in physically challenging event? HA! I lead what you would call, a sedentary life! That's one of the things I want to change this year. I'm thin and healthy but have zero stamina or endurance. I want to start exercising more and getting ready for the impending zombiepocalypse!   My husband also wants me to run with him in the 2012 Warrior Dash so we'll seeOh oh, I do fight ninjas and spear-chucking pigmies on Kinect's KUNG FU!  Does that count for anything?

  3. Mallory and Catcher have sparks so intense they almost fly off the page.....what do you think of this cozy couple? Did you like the insta-love between them? Do they add to the story?I'm usually not a big fan of the insta-love but I can totally appreciate the insta-attraction between Mallory & Catcher. With them being only secondary characters, I can be a bit more forgiving since they're not my main focus. I adore Mallory and I love that Catcher is the ying to her yang, the cheese to her macaroni, the whipped cream on her strawberry (oh, that one was a little dirty!)

  4. Lets talk Bff's....Mallory is hands down a terrific friend to Merit, the girls relationship is real, down to earth and fun....not to mention hysterical. What is your favorite memory or favorite thing to do with your bff? Feel free to share pics!Oh man, I am one lucky girl when it comes to having AWESOMESAUCE friends!!! I have an amazing mom and hilarious hubby but I also have some pretty darn spectacular friends and the book blogging community has given me even MORE! My book-besties and I love to go to book fairs, author events, loiter at Barnes & Noble and Starbucks gabbing about EVERYTHING, have dinner/game/movie nights, etc.

    My book and friend soulmate, Vanessa <3
    This chick and I have wayyy too much fun together (as you can see by pic # 2).
    Not only do we share a love of books and blogging, but she's been one of the best friends I've ever had.  I'm lucky to have someone that I can go to for just about anything!

    Our bloggy crew:
    Nely from All About {n},Jen from Not Now...I'm Reading!, Ash from Smash Attack Reads!, Yani from Avid Life of a Secret Reader and Yami (bookworm non-blogger)

  5. Things are starting to heat up in the mystery department...the set up at Red, Morgan's flirty appearance...Catchers vague answers, etc.  As correlation day gets closer for Merit, do you think someone is out to get her or maybe recruit her to another house? Or PS: feed her some more food because goodnight this girl likes to eat!!!
    There's a whole lotta mysterious happenings but that's a good thing. I don't like a book that's too easy to figure out. It never occurred to me that someone might try to recruit her into another house. I honestly don't think (or at least I didn't) that Morgan's appearance was anything but coincidental. Merit is good looking and why wouldn't he hit on her at his bar (he seemed genuinely surprised to discover that she was from Cadogan house)? I think Catcher's vague answers is acceptable because he knows Merit no better than she knows him...again, why would he go spilling secrets to a vampling?  What I don't believe is that Merit being turned is by accident.  I'm starting to think that she was chosen for something bigger but I don't know what that something is yet.

    As far as the food thing goes, it did drive me a bit batty.  I mean, I enjoy food as much as the next gal (although soda for breakfast kinda grosses me out) but I'm just not keen on the idea of a vampire eating regular food.

    This was fun!  Can't wait for next week :)


  1. It's going to be interesting to see what you think of Ethan when you catch up to the newest book! I loved a lot of things about him, but I had trouble with a lot of others, too. Happy reading!

  2. I haven't read this book, but I really enjoyed your answers to the questions. Just showing you some comment love chick!! *hugs*

  3. You have tempted me... I will have to read this now... <3

  4. Thanks for joining in this week!

    I love that picture of you guys doing the Karate Kid...I wish I lived closer to you all, I want to hang out with the book soulmates and Nely...and all the rest of the girls...:D

  5. Ethan definitely never lets Merit forget she is a tool in his arsenal and not simply a vampire in his house or a woman he's begrudgingly attracted to. Such an a-hole sometimes! But I love him:) Not sure what that says about me...

  6. Ha! That pic of you and Vane is hilarious! You two make me SMILE so big. ♥

    I don't know what to think about Ethan! He is a serious puzzle to me...

  7. Um, for the record TEAM ETHAN. kind like him in a major way :)

    Running? Pah! Get yourselves some of those practice swords that Catcher uses and have some fun! Love that you have such awesome booking friends - wish I did that lived closer!

  8. After reading everyone's answer's I'm now believing that their is a conspiracy about Merit. I don't know if it will be fully fleshed out in this novel, but it might be further in the series.


  9. It's very true, I definitely think there's something fishy going on with Merit getting turned like that. It's just too big of a coincidence.

  10. LOL I ♥ our pics!

    I really want to read this book so you're going to have to lend it to me! :P


  11. Mallory and Catcher are cute, Catcher is as you say the whipped cream on her strawberry ;)
    Those are awesome pics. Love the one with karate stance.

  12. I am still rooting for the Mallory/Catcher show. I think they are oil/water, hot/cold, trouble/trouble :)


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