Bloggiesta Wrap Up Day 1

Today’s Bloggiesta event was sooo much fun! Isalys and I got together with a few of our bloggy besties, Ash from Smash Attack Reads and Jen from Not Now I’m Reading and spent an awesome afternoon/early evening chatting away and crossing things off our to-do lists. In honor of bloggiesta, we headed over to Lime, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, and had us some yummy Mexican food!

To Do List:
  • Catch up on ALL our emails
  • Update all our network buttons
  • Update our Blog Roll (it has mysteriously vanished and I think it's a sign that it needs a refresher)
  • Add some nifty little banners of our favorite series...just for the pretties! 
  • Possibly add a "Bloggy Events" section to our sidebar
  • Make sure all our gadgets are updated and working properly
  • Update HTML code so followers can leave threaded comments (this one is going to be tricky!)
  • Organize Google Reader
  • Make some progress on our Super Sekrit Project for April
  • Work on reviews and set up tours for April (also part of our 'SSP')
  • Update our "Reviews" tab so that it functions like an Index 
  • Make sure all reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon 
  • Possibly organize a giveaway to find new homes for old books
  • Visit our fave blogs and comment more often 
  • Add ‘Blog Soulmate’ Index 
  • Email Authors for R.A.K. 
  • Interview for Crazy Bookworm
  • 5x5 Interview for Good Golly, Miss Holly
  • Questionnaire for Blogger Confidential 
  • RA.K. March-Wrap Up Post
  • R.A.K April Sign-Up Post
  • Clock Rewinders Post
  • B♥S ‘Super Sekrit Project’ Launch Post
  • Vicky Dreiling Blog Tour Post
  • Finish ‘Super Sekrit Project’ button
  • Work on ideas for Birthday event
We’ll be working on more goodies tomorrow. We hope to seriously make this list A LOT shorter by the end of tomorrow. Wish us luck!



  1. Wow, you have a huge list! Its very creative too! Excited to find out what the secret project is !

  2. Impressive list. You've got your work cut out for ya. Good luck hon! :)

  3. Thanks guys! We're very happy to getting stuff done :)

  4. awesome list, great job knocking stuff off already!!! Yay.

  5. Very impressive - both the list and what you've managed to get done so far :) I'm a bit jealous lol Keep it up!!

  6. you have covered a lot today and a wrap up update for the day too!! i will have my wrap up post tomorrow (hopefully and say lots done, if not all)

  7. Sounds like fun times! I hope you ate plenty of chips and salsa in the spirit of Bloggiesta. ;)

    Can't wait to find out about the sekrit project.

  8. Love you ladies! Keep up the awesome work. :)


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