Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks to Miss Cindy at Simple Life and Reading for this lovely award ♥

This is a meme & here are the rules: If you accept it, you are supposed to list seven of your favorite things and nominate seven blogs that deserve this award.

Isalys's Fave Things:
1) My hubby

2) My chihuahua Toby
*The 4-legged love of my life*

3) I Love Lucy
*This show will never be old!*

4) The beach

5) Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey

6) Anything Medieval
I ♥ castles

6) My books


And the seven blogs that we nominate are:
1. Passages to the Past
2. The Story Siren
3. The Brain Lair
4. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
5. Queen of Happy Endings
6. Royal Reviews
7. Melissa's Bookshelf


  1. Aw, thank you so much, I really appreciate it!! :-) And congrats on receiving as well!!!

  2. Oh yeah, thank you so much! I love awards! And congrats on yours - very much deserved!

    P.S. Your doggy is soooooo cute!!! I wanna play with him!

  3. Very cool - congratulations!


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