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Today's quiz is about

The British Experience

1. Perhaps one of the best known sights in London is the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster. What is the affectionate name, which was originally given to the big bell within, of this national landmark?

2. A place of interest to many visitors to the UK is the Imperial War Museum at Lambeth Road, London. here you can see the history of conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth from the First World War through to the most recent events. Much of the museum is dedicated to World War II which was a particularly tough yet heroic time for the British Isles. During the War Britain needed a resolute political leader to plan strategy, maintain moral and inspire the people. Name this British war-time Prime Minister, famous for his "V" for victory salute and smoking fat cigars.

3. Myths and legends abound in the UK, many tales with their origins deep in the mist of time. According to one legend a Lady rode naked through the streets of the English city of Coventry. What was that Lady's name?

According to legend Robin Hood roamed a wooded area of the UK stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. In which of these forests did Robin Hood and his Merry Men perform their philanthropic deeds?

Each part of the UK maintains its own identity, each has their own flag, emblems and patron saint. Which of these is the patron saint of Wales?

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